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It seems that amidst the sea of Harry Potter merchandise circulating in the world, something has been missing all these years. Yet, finally it seems that a person out there has answered all our prayers in creating a dress to rival all dresses.

Never before could you 'literally' wear a story and this super cute dress makes the dream a reality.

Take a look!

The Harry Potter Chapter One dress

Cost: $277.51

Rooby Lane has beautifully created a custom-made dress that has the first chapter of Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone printed all across it. The words really stand out in a large, readable font and the black and white design is accentuated with dots of yellow as if it has been marked with a highlighter. It's genius!

What a fantastic tribute to one of the best book series ever written!

And if dresses aren't your thing, consider this drawstring bag at the cost of $34.89:

I need to get my hands on this literary-inspired accessory right now!


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