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Sci-fi Ridley Scott's 1982, Blade Runner, which meant a revolution in the genre and conceptualization films and their ideas about the future as such, is today (and in fact already worth a couple of years) is considered a cult. The story of detective Rick Deckard, one of the best in the industry today seems unrealistic, because the main character was no Rambo and it cost him against the alien craft capable of destroying the entire planet. Played at a more intimate note, the amazing world of the future, great script and interesting dialogues. The prospect of developing this film leaves fans to sleep even more than 30 years after the premiere, and it has had to respond Ridley Scott. Already last year, quietly talking about the sequel, recently even confirmed work on the script, which also included Harrison Ford. Recently we confirmed the continuation of Alien, but today we have a Blade Runner 2 Harrison Ford, Denise Villeneuevom (Prisoners Enemy) as a director and as a producer Scott.

Give should take place decades after the unit and Deckard should appear in the third act, the smaller but pivotal role. I think the decision to be made about Ford is perfect. The writers and director so they are free to the story and do not focus on the wonderful old Ford, which already has its limits. Awaiting us therefore original story. Basics scenario laid Hampton Fancher (collaborated on the unit) and Michael Green. Production, thus shooting should begin in summer 2016.

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