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It's been another awesome week at Moviepilot, thanks to all our Creators and readers! We've had some new Creators post some great articles, and of course we like to celebrate the new talent joining our ranks.

We raise our glasses to you
We raise our glasses to you

As such, we have a list of top 10 posts from some of our new Creators for you to enjoy. Have a look, show them some love,and stay classy Moviepilot!

Agent Carter, The Role Model

Peggy Carter has kicked ass, taken names and now has left our screens (perhaps forever)! But what about the legacy she has left behind? The folks over at Studio Mogura have written about Peggy's post war struggles and their reflections today. Whether we've seen the last of her or not, Agent Carter remains an inspiration for us all.

See what Studio Mogura had to say about Agent Carter: A Symbol for the Third Feminist Wave

Arkham Knight is not for kids

It has been announced that the latest and final instalment in the Arkham series of Batman games will have an M rating, meaning it will be 17+. While many younger fans of the franchise will protest, Braxton Haugen explains Why Arkham Knights Mature Rating is a Good Thing.

The Political Nuance of Mars Attacks

Ever sat down with your english degree and decided to analyse Tim Burtons 1996 ode to the B Movies of Hollywoods Golden Age? Don't bother! Moviepilot newbie (with the best name ever) Beard Talks has broken down the so bad it's good classic and detailed all the intergenerational politics you might have missed. Youth culture forever!!!

What do you think, Is Mars Attacks a Commentary on the Generation Gap?

Which Games we NEED as Movies

There have been many failures in the past when Hollywood tried to adapt video games to the movie format (Yes, Mario Bros. I mean you). Nowadays the stories told in games are on par (even beyond, in some cases?) what we see in cinemas. Is it too much to ask to finally get some of them made for the silver screen with some sense of passion?!

Tom Meadows gives us his list of Video Games to Movie Adaptations that we want and can't wait for!

His Beard Speaks to Me

I think it's pretty clear after five seasons that Rick's beard is well, special. Sure, it's composed of dirt, scruff and follicles just like the rest of ours, but what if I told you that Rick Grimes' facial hair was simply something more . In this great article packed with TWD fan theories, Jonjo explains the symbolic significance of one of the most iconic faces on television, and zombie apocalypse history.

Check out the Symbolism Behind Rick Grimes' Beard.

"Tephlon Funk," A Graphic Novel Must!

This week, the incredibly multi-talented artist and writer Stephane Metayer became a Creator to share a unique project that should be brought to the attention of all graphic novel readers: Tephlon Funk. Giving a sneek peek of both the images and animation tests behind the project, Stephane's first post on Moviepilot shows a huge amount of talent and gives us all something to look forward to with future posts about this exciting project. Come and admire it here.

Classic Movies You Simply Must Watch

Back when I was a student (waaaaay back when), I took a film studies class simply out of pure curiosity. We talked about the first 'cameras', early film techniques and of course, classic films. When I finished that course I left with new insight, knowledge and new found appreciation for film culture. Many of the films we studied are on this list, which has been masterfully put together by MP newbie Krishna Daniels. I encourage you check them out, and catch up on your classics! Your inner cinephile will thank you.

See which ones you've seen in the list of 10 Classic Films for the Budding Cinephile.

Pixars' Terrifying Predictions for the Future

After we all got teary-eyed at the end of Toy Story 3, Finding Nemo, Wall-E... Okay, just about every Pixar movie we've ever seen, we probably left theatres feeling elated thanks to these endearing animation flicks. But did we miss something integral? Creator Aaron Brown shares his own views about the studio's top movies... and how they all secretly share a dystopian vision of the future!

Bill Murray Gives us the Feels

As stated by Wichita in the movie Zombieland, 'This guy has a direct line to my funny bone.' That rings true for a lot of us, and many of his movies have become comedy classics. More than that, over the years we have come to know Mr.Murray for his dramatic acting talent as well as his comedic timing. In this list, Erin Mulrane shows us 12 Times Bill Murray made us Feel all the Feels.

Pop Culture Illustrations by Fred Birchal

Brazilian designer Fred Birchal created a series of works illustrating pop culture icons. The simplicity with which he present them shows us how engrained these characters have become in our cultural tapestry. Come check them out and see for yourself how instantly recognisable they are.

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