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So far in series 5 of the [The Walking Dead](series:201193) we’ve seen 3 big deaths, Bob, Beth and Tyreese, but who will die next?

Obviously fan favourites and main characters: Rick, Daryl and Carl will not die or its highly unlikely they will at least. The first character that I believe to die is…


He is one of the characters that has been in it from the beginning and rumours are saying that Negan from the comics is coming the show and may be the reason for Glenns death. In the last episode we saw Maggie and Sasha find someone in the woods who went by the name of Aaron and could be related to the Alexandria safe zone. what I believe will happen is that he leads them to Alexandria safe zone where Negan is and knowing Rick, something will go down and may be why Negan kills Glenn, thus season 6 (which has already been confirmed by AMC). why I think Glenn might die is because he has been in the show since season 1 and the older characters seem to bee dying more than the new ones e.g. Beth and Tyreesee

Another character I believe will die is…


After loosing her father to the governor and watching her sister get shot in the face she is in a lot of despair and if I am correct about Glenn, loosing her husband will make it even her worse for her and maybe lose hope like we saw in the episode- “Them”. Also she again has been in the show a long time- since series 2.

The final character I think will die is…


Also known as mullet man. After everyone finding out that there is no cure and seeing him in the previous episodes it suggests that he is not helpful as he struggles to kill walkers, so he may be no help to the group at all.


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