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Pulp-Fiction as we know it

So we all know the story. Vincent and Jules are sitting down in a diner enjoying some hot breakfast, having a conversation about filthy animals, Jules' plans of retirement and of course, the nature of miracles. Vincent gets up to go to the bathroom, and when he comes back he finds his partner in a bit of a pickle.


At that point Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny (not their real names of course) are trying to hold-up the cafe and make a dash with Marsellus Wallace's infamous briefcase. Upon request, Jules opens the briefcase for Pumpkin, who he calls 'Ringo', and is able to distract him long enough to snatch his gun.

yeah, that briefcase .
yeah, that briefcase .

Holding Pumpkin at gunpoint, Jules and Vincent find themselves in a classic Mexican Standoff. Trying to diffuse the situation Jules gives Pumpkin a lesson on 'Ezekiel' and shares his new life philosophy, expressing his intent to turn a new leaf after leading a life of crime himself. As an act of redemption Jules offers to give the two robbers all the money in his 'BMF' wallet if they just leave.

Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny leave the cafe with money in hand. Jules and Vincent are able to keep the briefcase thus securing their safety from their employer, Marcellus Wallace.

That's the story of Pulp-Fiction that we know to be true. But I wonder, what would have happened if Jules and Vincent hadn't been able to hold onto 'the briefcase'? I mean, we don't even know what was in it, what the heck Quentin!?

Here's my alternative ending, in which Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny are a little more lucky and successfully steal all of the goods, briefcase included.

Shall we get into it?

How it could have ended

let's go back to this scene real quick.
let's go back to this scene real quick.

Jules opens the briefcase for Ringo, breathing heavily, trying to keep his cool.

*click click* Ringo pulls back then the lever on his revolver, keeping his distance and proceeds to give Jules instructions. Maybe it was something he ate, maybe he's feeling a little less brave, or more self-righteous in this reality. But for whatever reason, Jules decides not to reach for his gun under the table and doesn't put up a fight with Ringo, handing him over the briefcase as told.

The robbers don't even bother to heckle the rest of the customers; they've already hit the jackpot. Slowly, keeping their guns on Jules and Vincent they make their way out.

"We did it Honey-Bunny, we did it!"
"We did it Honey-Bunny, we did it!"

Driving away from the diner as fast as they can, Pumpkin and Honey-Bunny begin to talk about their plans for the contents of the briefcase. As valuable their little treasure is they know that it's way too dangerous to hold on to - they have to sell it...

"But who the hell is gonna' buy it?" Asks Bunny, "Who the hell is gonna' be crazy enough to hold on to something like this?"

Pumpkin doesn't answer, because he knows that she's right. He keeps his eyes on the road, stepping on the gas, focused, he doesn't even blink.

"...I've got someone in mind," he finally says.


" old, friend."

Meanwhile, Vincent and Jules make their way back to Marsellus so they can give him the bad news. When they walk into the bar Marsellus is sitting on the other side of the room, talking to some guy with a clean shaved head.

"Shit man what are we going to tell him. He's gonna cap us both, for sure!" Vincent says shaking.

Jules doesn't even bother giving his partner an answer. He orders a glass of ice water and drinks it slowly. The whole time thinking of what he'll say, keeping his eyes on Marsellus.

The bald man who had been talking to Marsellus finally gets up and walks over to the bar. He doesn't order anything, he just stands there and listens to the conversation taking place between Vincent, Jules and Marsellus.

"They lost, WHAT?"
"They lost, WHAT?"

Butch overhears Jules explaining the diner situation, how they lost the briefcase and how they now plan to get it back. He was more shocked at the fact that Marsellus wasn't going to kill the two boneheads, rather than the fact that they'd lost his briefcase.

"They drove off in a yellow sedan," Jules said to Marsellus in a low mumble.

"SPEAK UP," Marsellus ordered.

"A YELLOW SEDAN!" Jules retorted in all his shame and frustration.

The room turned dead silent, everyone turned their eyes to Marsellus. He had put the fear of god in all of them. Jules' description of the car sounded familiar.It was at that point that Butch decided he was going to take Marsellus' advice after all and forget about his pride.

"I know a yellow sedan.." Butch croaked under his breath, he was almost smiling. Butch was going to go after that briefcase, for himself.


After doing a little driving downtown Butch finds the car he's looking for - the yellow sedan. It was parked outside of some sketchy looking pawn shop. Butch waited around the corner for a moment before going inside, gathering his wits and trying to think of a plan.


Butch hears what sounds like a gunshot coming from the pawn shop.


Butch runs into the shop and finds himself starring down the barrel of a shot gun. There are two bodies on the floor, one male and one female. He recognises them as the couple who had held up a liquor store he was in months before. On that day they fled from the scene in the same yellow car parked outside.

"Who the hell are you, what do you want!?" The gunman yells.

"I'm, I'm just a customer." Butch says raising his arms.

The man on the floor, Ringo, says something to the bearded man, spitting up blood in the effort. The bearded man turns his gaze to the bloody man on the floor and in that split second Butch makes a snatch at the shotgun. In the struggle a round goes off.

*BANG* another shot *BANG*

The bearded man hits the ground...

Butch stares down at the two robbers laying on the blood soaked floor, breathing deeply, knowing what he has to do next.

"Im taking the briefcase." he declares.

He had expected some sort of retaliation from the two, but he woman doesn't move nor acknowledge to his words - she's dead. The man is still squirming around, trying to breathe despite the gaping hole in his chest. Butch looks him dead in the eyes, pulling back the pump on his shotgun.

"Then I guess.. It's just.. you and me, pal." He says to Pumpkin, lifting the barrel and pointing it at him.

"Just be cool.. Everybody be cool." Butch says with the upmost calm.


The briefcase was sitting on the counter still partially open. Butch confirmed the contents were still inside and closed the latches. He hears foot steps coming from the basement and drops his gun, sprinting out the front door with briefcase in hand. He was going far, far away.


What do you think was in the briefcase?


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