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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Jo Isnain

Aaaah rivalry, such an understanding situation when it comes to the people you hate but what about rivalry when it comes to your favourite heroes, between you and your friends or between you and your mentor? What about that? Well if there's something you haven't noticed in both TV Shows and movies is the rivalry between our favourite heroes today I'm going to share with you that one thing that both Marvel and DC films have in common, rivalry. Not just any rivalry but rivalry between our favourite heroes and the rivalry between them that you still haven't yet noticed, so lets get started!

1.Batman and Superman

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice will be featuring a big rivalry between our 2 favourite heroes and while the reason is still yet to be known for now we can just consider that the rivalry might be based on something that Superman did otherwise Batman wouldn't call him in the first place and both of them definitely look angry especially Batman with his stare also what's with the rivalry I mean in the end everything is going to be like nothing ever happened.

2.Captain America and Iron Man

As we all know that Captain America is getting a Civil War film which is set to release in 2016 the film will be focusing on Captain America who will pretty much assemble his own team of people who would choose freedom over the registration act by registration act I mean Tony Stark AKA Iron Man who will also much likely be assembling his own team (or so) with the help of the government every one who goes with the registration act will pretty much be on Tony's side of the war and besides it might be safe to say that it would probably end with Cap dying or Stark getting shot/assassinated.

3.Thor and Iron Man

Why? Why is Thor and Iron Man on this list well a few reasons to say that but it would most probably have something to do with Avengers Age of Ultron.

Remember this when Thor got too pissed off and tried to kill Tony? What if just what if Thor and Iron Man would be driven apart by rivalry in the future what if Thor won't show up in Infinity Wars but show up in Infinity Wars part 2? Thor is clearly angry at Tony for inventing Ultron which even Thor himself can't destroy with his hammer and just saying maybe Thor might be leaving what if he only joined The Avengers 1 more time to stop Thanos and that's it.

4.The Flash and Arrow

And this one wouldn't be too much of a coincidence because we have seen why they fought each other right? It was because Barry's rage inside him that caused him to 'HULK-OUT' with Arrow but still both of them are driven apart by rivalry but only due to Rainbow Raider's rage eye thing.

What do all of these movies and TV shows have in common?

Rivalry, I mean face it Batman is like angry at Superman for a reason we don't even know and then Iron Man and Captain America are turning against each other because of the registration act created by the government also Thor is angry at Tony Stark for creating Ultron and could possibly lead to a permanent rivalry who knows? And finally The Flash and Arrow which is not such a big coincidence.

What do you guys reckon? Is there going to be any more rivalry in the MCU and the DCCU?

For me personally I think there might still be more I mean of course between these heroes.

War Machine and Falcon

Because both of them are using tech and both of them are on different sides in Civil War one of them being Tony's close friend and the other one being Cap's close friend.

Spider-Man and Black Panther

Spider-Man on Tony's side and Black Panther on Cap's side

Hulk and Thor

Hulk and Thor spinoff?


What do you guys think? Will there be another film of rivalry in the MCU and DCCU?


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