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Ghost world is a refreshing movie, unlike all of the boring over rated teen movies. This is the story of Enid (Thora Birch) and Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) Enid and Rebecca are about to graduate from high school and rate the pros and cons of life and what they want for their futures. Enid develops a friendship with the eccentric Seymour (Steve Buscemi) and Rebecca focuses her attention on their mutual crush Josh (Brad Renfro), The friendship between Enid and Rebecca changes when they both determine what they want out of life, .

As i begin to watch this movie for the 25th time I realize why I love it so much. I see a reflection of Enid and Rebecca in myself. We all have a time or two, maybe more, where we don't know what we want out of life, but we must live it to the fullest. I love the dark humor in this movie, and really feel the angst. This is just my simple review. Enjoy the pictures and the trailer. Courtesy of Google Images and!


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