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Batman and Iron Man: comics’ two greatest non-super-powered titans. But which is better? In my personal opinion, Batman is far superior to Iron Man in many ways. Those of you who think yourselves Iron Man fans are welcomed to disagree. I merely wish to present a few pieces of evidence in support of the view that Batman is better.

Batman is selfless, Iron Man is a self-confessed narcissist.

Batman is an altruistic person whose first and only priority is helping the oppressed and downtrodden. He says, “To protect my city, I must wear a mask.” Notice, he does not say, “To protect myself I must wear a mask.” He genuinely cares for the city in which he lives. There is a film in which Bruce Wayne receives a Man of the Year award for “Proving time and again that his first priority is helping those in need.” Iron Man by contrast, has time and again clearly demonstrated that the only people he truly cares about are Rhodey, Pepper, and Happy Hogan. In fact, he even whines to Pepper that, “You’re the one thing that I can’t live without.” Furthermore, when Tony Stark receives an award for his limited amount of humanitarian work, he instead sends Stark Industries CEO Obadiah Stane, because Tony is too busy playing at suit testing to be bothered with putting in a personal appearance. While Bruce is holding charity fundraisers, Tony is having this argument with fellow superhero Ant Man: “What else am I supposed to do, Hank? Tell me!” “Try not being a self-involved, egocentric, money-hungry—” “Everything I do is to help people!” “Everything you do is to clean up a mess you made!”

Batman is far more concerned with home security than Iron Man.

To say that Batman is a staunch believer in home security would be an understatement. Batman always makes certain that the Batcave is sealed tighter than Fort Knox. One article had this to say: “There are plenty of physical and metaphorical barriers that he places around himself and his secret identity, but the Batcave is by far the most awesome.” Iron Man again stands in stark (pardon the pun) contrast to Batman on this point. Iron Man is so lax when it comes to home security that he gave out his address to an internationally wanted terrorist, said, “I’ll leave the door unlocked,” and issued a death threat if the terrorist did not arrive for the meeting. Said terrorist promptly reduced Iron Man’s mansion to rubble, nearly killing Iron Man in the process. If Iron Man cared that much about home security, he would at least have installed radar to detect incoming helicopters and gunships. However, even Iron Man’s computer JARVIS, (who is known for diverting threats in their infant stages) did not detect their presence until they were literally on top of Iron Man’s mansion. If Iron Man was truly as concerned for the safety and well-being of Pepper as he claims to be, why did he place her in a situation that might be potentially deadly to her? He seemed surprisingly cavalier about handing out his address to men that wanted to kill him, while at the same time assuring his girlfriend that she meant more to him than anything else. Also, it is shown later that Iron Man had a veritable army of Iron Man suits residing in the basement of Stark Mansion at the time of the attack. He could have told JARVIS to launch “the House Party Protocol,” instantly launching the entire army, but instead he called a single suit, and even that one barely helped them escape alive.

Batman keeps his identity secret for a reason.

Most superheroes wear masks to protect their true identities and Batman is no different. Although Bruce Wayne has never openly stated, “I’m Batman,” Batman has been known to utter that very phrase quite often. In his guise as Bruce, he has in fact stood idly by as others claimed to be Batman, and, in order to further his method of staying under the radar as much as possible, he does not bother to contradict anyone that makes such a claim. However, this is not to say that he tolerates competition, as evidenced by the scene in The Dark Knight, where we see him beating up a Batman impostor for disregarding human life. Following this incident, the impostor demanded to know the difference between himself and Batman, who coolly responded, “I’m not wearing hockey pads.” Iron Man decided to reveal his identity in an effort to escape the press debacle instigated by a fight on the roof of Stark Tower. Tony Stark thought it better to mislead the press by stating that the villain Iron Monger was actually a bodyguard and that he was in a disagreement with Stark, which in turn led to the events that destroyed a small portion of New York City. At this same press conference, he shocked everyone in attendance with his profound declaration that he was Iron Man. After Stark revealed his identity, he made certain that everyone knew he was Iron Man even outside the suit. He reiterated this statement later: “You can take away my house: all my tricks and toys. But there's one thing you can never take away from me: I am Iron Man.”

Iron Man depends on JARVIS to do everything but the Batcomputer is only one of many tools.

Batman’s Batcomputer has records on literally everyone. Because of this, Batman uses this computer for a variety of tasks. The Batcomputer includes equipment from five planets: Thanagar, Earth, Mars, Krypton, and Themyscira. It is easily the most powerful supercomputer ever built. Being linked via satellite to the Justice League Watchtower mainframe, the Batcomputer has even more potential ability. In spite of this, the Batcomputer is only one small fragment of Batman’s massive stockpile of bat-equipment. Iron Man cannot function without JARVIS, his artificially intelligent British-accented computer system. JARVIS is actually an acronym for “Just A Really Very Intelligent System”. JARVIS operates all of Iron Man’s suits as well as being responsible for running the day-to-day activities of Stark Tower and his Malibu mansion. While Iron Man relies on JARVIS to do virtually everything for him as well as for his no-longer-secret identity, the Batcomputer is only one out of the many pieces of equipment that Batman uses in his one man war on crime.

In conclusion, I say Batman is better. But what do you think?


Batman or Iron Man?


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