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Calling all LOTR fans and The Hobbit fans!!! This news is just for you! The wonderful country of Spain is about to make your dreams come true. They have created a theme park based off of The Lord of the Rings...

*Insert major fangirling*

*Insert screaming at high levels*

Now, it's not located in the U.S. as of yet( but I'm sure if this theme park does well, it SHOULD come to the U.S. SHOULD. HOPEFUL WITH A SIDE OF TEARS) seeing as though the park resides in Rincon de la Victoria, Spain, but that doesn't mean a thing! Who likes to travel? Doesn't this sound like an amazing summer trip with your own fellowship?

The title of the park is “La Comarca" which means "The Shire". Am I the only one super excited about all of this??!!

For more info on this amazing news, go HERE!!


Would you travel to Spain to see this park???


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