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Kris Ares

Today we lost a beloved actor. Now everyone who knows me , knows I am NOT a Star Trek fan, but I do occasionally watch the movies. Let me let you in on a little secret, the entirety of the Culcan people are non-religious Jews! Mr Nimoy slipped all sorts of Jewish tidbits, such as the hand signal that geeks around the world mimic, and if you weren't raised Jewish, you had no idea. It is why my Gran watched the show, it is why I loved Mr Nimoy so very much. I was fortunate to meet such a sweet and quirky man at Temple when I was very young, I read his poetry because Gran bought it, and it was in the house.

He was a well loved and respected individual, and even if you HATE Star Trek like my husband, you like Leonard Nimoy. If you want to know more about how he made the Vulcans Jews and get in on the Joke that every Jewish child knows, here is a link.

I don't create posts often. I never really feel that I can hold up against all the other Creators on this page, but I wanted to say my goodbyes. So Shalom, Mr Spock, Shalom Leonard Nimoy, I will light the yahrzeit and say the Kaddish for you tonight. Only your death can make this extremely non-religious Jew act religious. RIP you good, kind, quirky man!


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