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Adam Justin Santos

Well, I was surfing through NETFLIX the other night and somehow I stumble upon this movie that was directed by Friday The 13th Helm himself, Sean S. Cunningham so I decide what the hell, I will give it a shot. Well let's say it was very much a good entertaining deep seas horror film with a JAWS feel with some good old Friday the 13th film score.

Let me remind you that this film was a American Sci-fi horror film about the struggles of the crew of an underwater military outpost to defend their base against a giant eurypterid- (Basically, Sea Scorpion). It was originally release in January 1989. This film main actors and supporting actors where Greg Evigan, Taurean Blacque, Nancy Everhand, Cindy Pickett, Miguel Ferrer & Matt McCoy.

Okay so this is the plot in a nutshell, DeepStar Six is a prototype deep-sea colony funded by the United States Navy with a collection of 11 military and civilian crew members in the last week of their six month tour. The brainchild of Dr. Van Gelder, the base is allowed to conduct its experiment on underwater colonization provided that he also oversee the installation of a nuclear missile storage platform nearby. Nearing the last days of his deadline, Van Gelder's plans are threatened when geologist Burciaga (Elya Baskin) discovers a massive cavern system at the installation site. Van Gelder orders the submarine crew to use depth charges to collapse the cavern, to the dismay of Dr. Scarpelli (Nia Peeples), who wants to preserve the cavern to study the potentially primordial ecosystem she suspects lies inside.

Well, they blow up the cavern to FREE a pre-historic Sea Scorpion that causes chaos, Murder and a lot of Blood. I gore fest with the air lock docking scene where a guy gets split in HALF. (Human the other white meat.)

So I watched it and I couldn't turn away, I thought I was going to see the Jason Vorhees of the Deep, but in fact I got a SEA MONSTER MOVIE. Hell Yeah, I enjoyed every moment of the film. The Character development wasn't the best the overall story was simple and not head scratcher. Some well known actors in this gore fest as well as Miguel Ferrer- (Robocop, Nightflier, Iron Man 3 & NCIS:LA),by the way I mean the Original Robocop with Peter Weller.

Overall: I give this movie 5.5 It would been higher if characters had more in depth but otherwise that a real good movie.

FACTS: The budget of this 1989 Gem was around $8,000,000 total box office was $8,143, 225. Its recieved poor reviews and currently has 23% score rate on Rotten Tomatoes it was release by TriStar Pictures and was one of many Deep Seas Sci-fi Horror films along side, Leviathan-(Peter Weller is in it), The Evil Below, Lords of the Deep, The Rift & Abyss- (The Only one that has a awesome rating).

I do recommend to watch it because its a little underrated film that def needs a good watch.


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