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Robert Downey Jr. basically launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe with his brilliant portrayal of billionaire, philanthropist, and scientist, Tony Stark in the Iron Man franchise.

Fringe Focus has just released an AWESOME new Iron Man themed print and as the title describes, it gives us a detailed look at “The Desk of Mr. Stark.” Artist Rob Loukotka watched all 3 iron man films to glean as many references and details as possible.

After hours and hours upon hours of intensive labor, Rob has unveiled his vision and we love it. Here is what Rob had to say about the project over on his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

This 36″ screen printed poster is FULL of easter eggs and fun details from Iron Man 1, 2, and 3. As such, it’s a bit anachronistic (or timeless). There’s some legacy items like the Mark 3 suit and faceplate, Tony’s original arc reactor from the cave, etc.

There’s also nods to improved tech (the clear screens), and even a glimpse into the future (one of the screens indicates he is researching Vibranium, which supposedly is what Ultron is after in the upcoming Avengers 2).

The print is available FRAMED or UNFRAMED and is signed and numbered by Rob. There are only 250 of these and more than half have already sold so CLICK HERE to order yours before they are gone. Rob has teased that he is currently working on his next “The Desk Of” print so stay tuned.

“The Desk of Tony Stark” by Rob Loukotka

36″ X 12″

2 Color Screen Print on Cream Paper

Limited Edition of 250

Signed and Numbered




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