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Firstly, let's get a clearer image of the one on the cover of this article, shall we? So that we can have a look before we proceed?


Now that that's done, let's continue looking at this. Firstly, this is Catwoman. Selina Kyle, the cat burglar. Selina Kyle, who has a kind of off again on again relationship with Batman. She was always one of my favourite DC characters. The leather suit made reading her comics somewhat awkward, I'll admit. But that didn't stop me because she's an awesome female character.

Who just became more awesome. In the latest development, she's been confirmed to be canon bisexual. For those who aren't in the know, bisexuality is being attracted to both males and females. THIS IS HUGE.

Why is it so huge, you ask? There's plenty of LGBT heroes out there. You yourself wrote a whole friggin' article on them after all. Well, I'll tell you what's so huge about this development.

She's a canon bisexual. It may not seem big, but there are very few examples of bisexuality in comics in general. When they are represented, they can sometimes be completely off the wall. Know why? It's because so many myths abound about bisexuality. Don't believe me? Well here's a video debunking SOME but NOT ALL of the myths about bisexuals.

She has a whole ten minute long video debunking the myths. If you have the time to spare, have a look. It's worth the watch, as it addresses many of the myths. As I said though, it doesn't touch on all the issues that come with bisexuality.

It comes with a whole host of 'you just need to decide' kind of views. It comes with 'you just want it all, you greedy pig' views. It comes with prejudice from both the heterosexual community and the homosexual community. And it comes with the view that 'bisexuals are more likely to cheat on you'. None of which are true. If someone cheats, that's awful. Awful things are perpetrated by heterosexuals, homosexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, bisexuals. It doesn't matter. There's bad apples in every bunch.

Back to my point about Catwoman. Done right, this could be absolutely groundbreaking. It could help to dispel many of these myths, all while giving young girls an idea of what bisexuality is like. As it is, it's widely regarded as an 'experimental phase' and that isn't what bisexuality is. That experimental phase is actually when someone's bicurious.

If they don't write Catwoman right, it could turn into a disaster for the B in LGBT. Carrying on a relationship with Batman at the same time as the new lady love would probably gather horny fanboys, but it would alienate the LGBT group of fans. Another myth is that bisexuals are sluts and will sleep with anything. This is totally untrue, never mind offensive. I won't get into the whole slut-shaming thing now. But going down the path of a bisexual being with both a man and a woman would suggest that the myths were right about them not making up their mind. WHICH WOULD BE WRONG TO PERPETRATE.

Let's hope they take the ground-breaking approach and help dispel those myths, right? In any case, I'll be very interested what route they take and where they go as they explore the relationships in Selina's life.


How do you think it will turn out?


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