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Ok. I'm soooo excited to write this because in my head makes f*cking logic and makes it not only possible, makes me believe it will happen!

As a huge fan of DC i'm, I love AMC Arrow and Flash tv shows (Reason i left Gotham beside is because is other epoch. Deal with it.) and I would be so over-hyped if Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell take the paper of the Flash and Green Arrow in the Justice League movie.

So sad for us, DC has broke our hart with the words of Geoff Johns by saying:

“It’s a separate universe than film so that the filmmakers can tell the story that’s best for film, while we explore something different in a different corner of the DC universe.”

Universe. Keep that key word in mind.

Well, this week I was watching again Flash episodes (you know, to survrive until March 17) and then I spotted -again- on this:

Flash! Nooooo!
Flash! Nooooo!

So, what does this means for us?

Crisis on infinite earths (CIE) is a comic storyline when they explained us that Dc has many universes.

"I can say without a doubt that there are an infinite number of universe.
"Some are just like our own...but for one or two significant events, exactly the same." - Lex Luthor.

Sound pretty much as DC having two universes: the TV one and the Cinematographic one. True fans may be getting the idea, but I'll continue:

In CIE DC merges their comic universes -know as Earth One, Earth Two ... -into just one universe. Just one.

If DC had already announced that they might be taking the Crisis to TV, wouldn't be possible that characters from the DCCU interact with the DCTVU? And they will be just one at the end.

But, obiously, there's a cost for this.

Barry Allen a.k.a 2nd Flash dies during the Crisis, by destroying a machine. He run so fast around the weapon that his metabolysm accelerated and make him older, like ninety years old, (not sure) , and then, die. (Don't worry. He already returned)

Thanks, Flash. See you soon.
Thanks, Flash. See you soon.

So, it makes me think. Which Barry Allen will survrive the Crisis? The Ezra's one or the Grant's one? I think it depends on which actor takes the role better to DC wallets and Fans happiness.

So, let me know what you think. I'm wrong by conecting points that dosen't match or it seems like a possibility?


Seems possible?


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