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One of, maybe even the biggest discussion about the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) in the last month is who should play the next Spiderman, but to be honest the role is bigger than the actor, now who that actor should play is the bigger question and the one I'm going to try and find out.

Peter Parker

The original, the money maker himself Peter Parker, is the most loved marvel character there is and I'm sure that if Marvel/Sony announced there doing Peter Parker again no one would argue, but is Peter Parker going to be stale after 5 films? 2 origin story's and there are many villains to choose from but if they do goblin again that is what would bother me the most.

If they was going to do Peter again I would think they would skip over the origin, and have him as all ready established hero, who believes he can stop petty crime but not what the avengers do, which is where civil war would develop the character.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales who seems to be everyone's second pick for the next Spiderman but I've never really liked him, as his Origin seems to much like Peters (spider bite), Yes he has a cool costume, Yes he Brings another black superhero character into the genre but that's really all he does, I think when you create a new Hero that he should be well his own character not the different Race or Gender of a character you know and love, which Miles kind of is, the fact he is younger than Peter and in my opinion that would make him seem to unrealistic in a world that's made the unreal seem plausible (like S.H.I.E.L.D would let a 13-14 year old be in a War or pilot the Iron Spider and if he was made 17-18 he is then just a black Peter Parker so why call him Miles Morales.)

But Miles would bring a different flavour into the universe, yes I'm not keen on a 13 year old Spiderman but it would be something different and fresh, to be honest I know little about Miles so I can't really make too many positives but maybe that's a good thing in its self as its a whole new character that you can use in anyway.


Now this is my wildcard so I need to explain a more with this one, if they wanted to go unique Ben Reilly, he is a genetic clone of Peter Parker created by a villain known as Miles Warren (The Jackal) a teacher at Peters school who went insane when Gwen Stacy died and tried to clone her and Peter, he blamed Spiderman for her death so when he discovered Peter was Spiderman he created a clone to take him down but the plan failed and the clone left town and started a life as Ben Reilly (and took him 5 year before he decided to become the Scarlet Spider and then the second Spiderman.)

If Ben was used I think he should have a mini series to explain the character, and be one of many clones/experiments that Miles and Dr Octopus created from a deceased Peter Parker for Oscorp, they use The Scarlet Spider for a mission (like a spy/mercenary) when he gets spotted by a guard that calls him Spiderman, he starts to quest who he is where he came from and what to do next. At the end of the mini series he would of destroyed the clones (maybe Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone could be some of the clones) fought villains who Oct tried to distract him with (Scorpion, Beetle, Shocker etc.) and at the end Nick Fury will try and convince him to become Spiderman just before Civil War.


So who do you think would be the best Spiderman for the MCU?


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