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It's official that Spider-man will join the MCU and also be rebooted with in the process giving us the third new actor to take on the mantle of Spider-man. As we are slated for a new Spider-man movie in 2017 I was given the question "What are the top Spider-man movies so far?". So I gave them all a re watch and have ranked them.

Honorable Mention


I watched all the Spider-man movies except for this one. My dad recalls it as the worst Spider-man movie and one of the worst super-hero movies of all time. He was a young Spider-man fan when the movie came out and all he can say about it was that it was incredibly hard to sit through. So with that being said lets start the list!


What can be said about this movie that hasn't already been said? It isn't horrible. Don't get me wrong it is not good but that doesn't mean it isn't one of the most fun movies to sit through. If you are just watching it and don't know anything about Spider-man or the previous movies before it then you wouldn't consider this movie too bad. That is because it is fun to watch. For many fans it isn't and especially fans of the entire story of the symbiote. They butcher what that suit was supposed to do and you can tell it is a movie that no one really wanted to be apart of. Sam Raimi recently said it was awful. You know a film is bad when the director is angry at how it turned out. The character of Peter Parker decides to forget all of the progression he went through with Spider-man 2 and Mary Jane is just insufferable. That being said there are some good things about it. Thomas Church was very well cast as Sandman and James Franco does try his best with what he is given and Tobey still tries bless his heart. But it just doesn't work. The morals are mixed up none of the story lines hit and it just makes you sad that the Raimi trilogy had to end like this


4. SPIDER-MAN (2002)

Now many believe this movie is what helped make super-hero movies as big as they are today. This movie is what many think of when they hear the words super-hero films. On its own it is a great way to introduce Spider-man into cinema after a 25 year absence from the big screen. Spider-man is a movie that when it works it works and when it doesn't it doesn't. Sam Raimi didn't know if he would be able to make another one so Spider-man in a movie that has some of the best things about Spider-man in it. Spider-man's costume is great and the Green Goblin is very well translated to screen. The problem? Green Goblin has no motives to go after Spider-man and the dialogue can go from really good to really bad in a hear beat. But for Spider-man's first block buster film it is very well done especially if you consider its long trouble history.



Now I know many of you would consider this to be the worst of the worst. But I would say the main villain of this movie wasn't Green Goblin or Electro or even Rhino. It is marketing. This is the worst marketing for a film I have ever seen. It was shoved in the faces of everyone to the point everyone was sick of it before it even came out. The trailers ruined every major twist and turn and scene before we were even given the chance to see them. But this movie needs a re watch. It has a lot of fun with itself and has the best Spider-man footage of any film yet. Its score is gorgeous and really tells a story on its own. The acting is incredible and everyone tries their best and it really shows. All I can say is I am happy this movie exists and I will miss this franchise very much.



I heard someone say that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are to Spider-man what Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder were to Super-man. And you know what? I agree with them completely. When I heard this movie was happening I was very scared. I had never seen Andrew before and I just was not ready to let go of the Raimi movies. I am happy to say that I just don't like The Amazing Spider-man, I love it. Everything in it I adore. Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, the cinematography, just everything. I love all the small references in the film and I feel it is just so good to have a Spider-man origin story that takes its time getting Peter into the suit. I love Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben and Sally Field as Aunt May. I feel The Lizard was a pretty good villain to start off the series and Dennis Leary is great as this interpretation of Captain Stacy. I will miss this franchise so much and I feel this movie will last a long time in not just superhero movie history, but movie history in general



This movie. This movie speaks for itself. It is perfect. Start to finish. This movie not only takes itself seriously but still has so much heart, so much love, and so much fun with itself that I feel that it isn't only one of the best superhero movies of all time. It is the best superhero movie we have ever gotten. Not to say films like The Dark Knight and The Avengers haven't come close to Spider-man 2. But no other film knows how to balance fun and seriousness as well as this movie. This movie not only improves on the first one but it sky rockets above the rest. Everything from Doc Ock to Harry Osborn is great. J. Jonah Jameson has never been funnier and the action has never been better. Tobey does his best job he has ever done not only with the Spider-man movies but of his entire career and Sam Raimi directs the movie so perfectly it was a match made in heaven. I love Spider-man 2.


Now of course none of us would be hear if it wasn't for one thing. Spider-man. Spider-man has touched so many people and so many generations that he has become more then just a symbol of hope, but a symbol of what the perfect hero is. Spider-man is a character that is loved by many ages, races, genders that he has the largest fan base of any hero of all time. I don't know where next he is going with the new franchise or the new Marvel Universe but I know one thing. Where ever he goes next, he will be loved.


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