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We've all heard the news about Batman vs Superman. We've all heard about the heroes that are to appear in it; Batman, Superman, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), Aquaman, and maybe more. But this is only the second movie in the DC cinematic universe. Is Warner Bros. making the right call? Or are they rushing art?

Don;t mind him. He's just flying after all!
Don;t mind him. He's just flying after all!

[Man of Steel](movie:15593) was the first movie to appear in the DCCU. When the movie was first released, I did not expect it to be tied into anything. Especially not The Dark Knight trilogy, even though Christopher Nolan helped produce the movie. When I watched the movie, it surprised me. Mostly because of all the death and destruction. But i have to admit, they did a good job of making it seem like a superhero movie and an alien invasion movie at the same time.

But with the announcement of a Batman VS. Superman movie, I changed my mind. I thought That's going to be cool! but then I began to think again. How are they going to pull this off? For example, if this is a new Batman, why are they just bringing him in out of the blue? It was very frustrating for me.

Then i started to hear even more things about the movie like having Aquaman appear along with Wonder Woman. Why even call it [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870)? Why not call it The Justice League Begins: With Some Difficulties Cooperating With Each other? Not the catchiest title, I know, but it makes sense.


It took Marvel years before their movies became such great successes. I'm not saying they weren't great to begin with, just saying that they've gotten even better since then. Batman vs. Superman will be the second movie in the DCCU and they will already be adding big players to the game. It sounds like they're mushing things into theaters as quick as possible to one-up Marvel. They are trying to do what Marvel excelled at. And they are trying to do it in half the time. It sounds like this could be a massive mess. But it also sounds like it could be a massive success

In an interview with Zack Snyder, he said that the DCCU will take the opposite direction of Marvel and make the movies serious. That sounds interesting, right?

There is no doubt that Batman vs. Superman will be one of the biggest movies next year, with it being such an anticipated film, but will it be a good movie? Will everything connect and cooperate with each other? Will this be an epic success for DC? Or will this take the cake as one of the least loved movies of all time?

What do you guys think? Is everything going to work out? Tell me in the comments!


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