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American Horror Story - good, dirty fun. Violent, twisted, depraved. All of our favorite things!

And let's give credit where it's due. The team at FX has found a brilliant serialized format, where each season dives headfirst into a new theme. Haunted House, Insane Asylum, Coven, Freakshow...and now Hotel. So long as it's American and it's totally messed up, it fits the bill.

But what does the future hold for our favorite guilty pleasure on TV?

1.) SPACE!!!

I'll never go!
I'll never go!

Aliens. Monsters. Asteroids. Running out of oxygen. George Clooney's ghost. Scientology.

So much can go wrong in space. Which means so much can go right on AHS!

Maybe we revisit the 1960's and the moon landing? Or perhaps Roswell, New Mexico is the setting of our bizarro tale? The options are many, and super scary.

2.) WAR

Nazi zombies aren't even as scary as what follows
Nazi zombies aren't even as scary as what follows

Ghosts from the Civil War. Super pissed ghosts (with every right, mind you). And REAAAALLY pissed zombies, maybe the abused who were detained in camps during WWII?

You've got various angles here: the supernatural is easy, but how about the conceivably real and corrupt? Evil, power-hungry tyrants who are willing to sacrifice millions of lives for their own benefit? Twisted lab experiments or murderous robot killing machines to give the American side the advantage? The kind of stuff we haven't yet dreamed up on the coach's board in the Pentagon, but that the minds behind AHS are capable of.


I've definitely been in a few haunted churches
I've definitely been in a few haunted churches

Do I even need to elaborate? I'm already scared of the church. But toss in the "holy ghost," self-flagellation, priests with a nasty habit, and the vengeful hand of God himself...and I'm full on ready to sh*t my pants.

I feel like we need Jessica Lange back for this one, though. Much like her character in Season 2's Insane Asylum, I see her carrying this story as an evil nun-like figure.


This is a photo of me in 2013
This is a photo of me in 2013

There's no politically correct term for what I'm referencing here - maybe "hicks?"

But those of you who saw The Hills Have Eyes will know what I'm talking about. The sky's the limit here, but depravity is the name of the game. Kick social mores to the curb, and you've got yourself a bona fide feast of you know Lady Gaga can slay the lead role here. Perhaps literally.

5.) BASEBALL I know, I know. This one's super American, but isn't an obvious fit. I know, I know. This one's super American, but isn't an obvious fit.

But here me out for a second.

Body horror freaks me out as much as anything, and steroids seem a perfect recipe for a really creepy body horror arc. Then there's the classic "deal with the devil" storyline that could play well here. Selling your soul for millions of dollars and fame seems like a nice place to kick this off. And then there's the REALLY effed up groundskeeper, who's hiding a secret under the stadium that will turn your stomach.

See, aren't you interested now?


Okay, your turn. Which perfect theme for an AHS season am I missing??? Or comment below if you don't see one you like here.


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