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Cartoonnetwork and Warner Bros. are bringing the widely popular animated series, Adventure Time to the big screen! For those who don't know, all five of you, Adventure Time is a show on Cartoonnetwork about the adventures of a young boy named Finn and his magical dog, Jake. The two reside in the land of Ooo and go on adventures everyday. These adventures vary from dealing with the supernatural, to stopping the evil Ice King from kidnapping any of the various princesses that reside in the land of Ooo.

The animated feature will be produced by Chris McKay, director of The LEGO Batman Movie and Roy Lee, producer of The LEGO Movie. Fans of the show need not worry, as Pendleton Ward, creator of the show, will reportedly have a hand in writing and producing the film; despite resigning as the show's showrunner.

Pendleton Ward and his beard o'awesomeness!
Pendleton Ward and his beard o'awesomeness!

It's quite apparent that the reason this movie is being made is because of the recent popularity of cartoon-to-animated film adaptions. The recent Spongebob movie, Sponge Out of Water, is a great example of this.

Some other examples are the upcoming Peanuts film and last year's Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie. But what Adventure Time has that those other films don't, is a large fan base backing it up, and a world full of possibilities. Let me explain. Sure Spongebob has a large fan base, but their mostly just little kids who wouldn't really care if Spongebob got a movie or not, as long as they could just watch it on Saturday mornings. And Peanuts and Mr. Peabody and Sherman were both pretty successful comic strips, but it's not like anyone reading the Sunday paper heard about the film and went "YAHOO!!"

Adventure Time has a pretty strong following, especially in the geek community! It's strange premise mixed with it's puzzling and actually pretty tragic backstory has made for an entertaining, quotable and incredibly nerdy wonder-show! Not to mention there's a ton of Adventure Time/ Legend of Zelda mash-ups!

How cool is that?!
How cool is that?!

There's no set release date for the film yet, so stay tuned!


Are you excited for the Adventure Time film?


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