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Pitch Perfect in a uniquely enjoyable movie, with a cast of lovable and quirky accapella singers. Anna Kendrick, whose face first became familiar as a supporting actress in Twilight, became a household name after her portrayal as Becca. Of course, Becca is seen as the protagonist of the film, being a young college freshman chasing her dream of being a DJ. After she joins an all-female accapella team, The Barden Bellas, she helps turn the team in a winning direction. However, she never quite came across as the hero of the story to me.

He is first seen when Becca's love interest, Jesse, first walks into the dorm. Being Jesse's roomste, Benji had already moved in, and then some.

Throughout the movie, Benji tries to fit in with another accapella group, the Treble-makers, but due to his nerdy and quirky habits, he is denied membership into the group, and he's mocked instead. Regardless, he is still more a hero than Becca for several different reasons.

He talked Jesse into joining the Trebles.

When Jesse joins the Treble-makers, he makes his amazing voice obvious to the group. At the end of the film, when the Trebles' arrogant leader Bumper quits for a better job, Jesse assumes a sort of leadership position. Few realize that Benji actually pointed out the Trebles to Jesse at the activities fair at the beginning of the movie. You could make an argument that Jesse wouldn't have even joined the group if not for Benji's influence.

The Bellas would have lost if not for Benji.

Becca decides to improvise some improvements in the accapella semi-finals, causing the rest of the Bellas to be thrown off their game so that they lose the competition. Benji has since acquired a backstage job at the competitions, and it was his sharp eye that spotted a flaw in the program. The team that beat the Bellas had enlisted the vocal talents of a high-schooler in a college-only competition, causing them to be disqualified when Benji reports it. Once the team is disqualified, the Bellas are allowed to progress to the finals, where they win the entire championship. That never would have been possible if not for Benji.

Benji chases his dream.

Benji establishes his nerdiness as soon as you see his massive Star Wars collection and his hobby of close-up magic. When he arrives at the college, he wants nothing more than to be a part of the group that he had grown to idolize: the Treble-makers. Unfortunately, the jerks of the group mock his nerdiness and cast him aside, not allowing him entry.

Benji doesn't give up. He gets a job working backstage, and continues to support the teams any way that he can. When Bumper backs out of the Trebles and they need a replacement, they finally give Benji a try. In the championship finals, he gives a spine-chilling performance that, in my opinion, should have carried the Trebles to victory over the Bellas (you can obviously hear percussive music in the background of the Bellas performance, ergo they cheated). Even though the Trebles lost, Benji delivered a valuable lesson, that you can follow your dreams despite how nerdy you are perceived by others.


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