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The Gregor book series is the lesser known of the suzanne collins book series. If you haven't read the book then I encourage you to do so before reading this. But the real question here is should the gregor the overlander series be made into movies? Between the animals and the lighting and the fact that it is a giant city underground the CGI fund should be through the roof. The cost for these movies would have to be gigantic. I'm sure they would get the money after the great success the Hunger Games has been but would it be worth it? The answer there is a matter of opinion. The books were for a slightly lower age but the violence alone would make it at least a pg 13 of not an R rated movie. So that, combined with slight script change would get the Hunger Games fan range into the movie. I would love to see a Gregor the overlander movie myself and even though my reading age level is at young adult and it was a little bit younger I still loved it and Suzanne Collins between the two series proved her ability to tell a good story. I think with the help of Suzanne Collins and a good crew like Lionsgate they could make a highly grossing, highly interesting five film franchise out of these. Now, here comes the fun part. The cast, at least, the human cast. Here's who I would pick.

Willow Shields as Lizzie. Why not, she played a good role as Prim in the Hunger games movies. She's already part of the Collin's family! Hollywood is good at making people look younger, so her age difference shouldn't be a huge problem.

Julianne Moore as Solovet. With died hair like her character president Coin in The Mockingjay movies, (I'm not doing this on purpose) She could play a fulfilling role as Solovet.

Micheal Keaton as Vikus OK, here's where I'm worried I may get some backlash. But, I feel that he could pull of the role easily. I think he looks the part too, especially with some make-up or effects that are well within reach. (Also I know him.)

Sierra McCormick as Luxa: Though she has mainly starred in Disney shows and movies I think she could pull of the Luxa personality, especially if this stays middle grade to young adult.

And finally Kai Caster as Gregor: Though you may not have heard of him, he stars in many horror films. He looks like Gregor, and his age isn't too far of a stretch (15) and I honestly wouldn't mind an age change from book to cinema.

You may have noticed I left out Boots. I honestly couldn't find anyone who is the right age and style for Boots. As a bonus however, I would push Andy Circus for any C.G.I character. He's known for that work, and man is he good! Thanks for reading, I hope you agree and if you find someone better please post below :)


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