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Over the last decade all i have been doing is gaming and work, and gaming, and work and gaming again. It took sometime for me to mature over the last decade as well, ( Yea ! Since it cannot happen overnight, Unless you don't get laid or something ). I am not sure if that was quite accurate, But getting to my point i have had a great decade with disappointment's as well, Not because i had to work hard to collect my games that's because i loved doing that, Not because i played more, slept less and worked even lesser that's how i rolled. (At least a gamer would agree with me on that). My disappointment's were not due to any of the above reason's but 2 thing's only, After playing my loved games either i had to wait for a sequel which never happened or the game was so bad it did not have a sequel in spite of it's great story.


Hey where did this come from, Never mind moving on, Here are some of the dear games i would really love them come back as a sequel on the next gen.

Warning:- Again this is only a suggestion i have made, I am not trying to violate or say any of this games were bad. But as a gamer i do deserve more not only for me but with the games i grew up with i would love to see them come back. Won't You.

1. (Downhill Domination PS2).......

A rare game to bust your right thumb in two............
A rare game to bust your right thumb in two............

I loved this game for many reason,

  • The gameplay even being made for the PS2 was quite smooth didn't lag, Unless you were using a pirated version or something.
  • Really loved the pain while playing this game. ( Only a true gamer would understand what i meant, For y'all who did not, Read the caption under the DD image ).
  • The game featured everything from stunts, fights, upgrades even a music in the background for a little adrenaline.
  • The only thing this game lacked was a storyline, Well in way, I know you can select a character and start of a career but would have loved to have a customizable one. Maybe we can root for that in the next gen if someone wants to take it up.
  • The stages and ramps set were insane the stunts co-ordinate d were perfect, If you knew how to execute them.
  • All in all i loved this game a lot, So little did i know when i was immature that it won't have a sequel.

Moving On, Our next title,

2. (BLACK PS2)..........

Way better than CoD/Battlefield
Way better than CoD/Battlefield
  • For some who are not familiar with this game, Who did not play this at all, All i can say is either you were not born or you lived in a very different part of the world or You were such CoD/Battlefield fan you waited till those games were released you did not touch this.
  • Black is a FPS, This game is short i mean very short max can be 4 Hrs gameplay if you played at a extent and you knew the way.
  • At least when this came out it was more than real to me, Awesome graphics great detailing of weapons even for that gen.
  • This game was awarded for it's sound quality and notable for it's heavily stylized cinema-inspired action.
  • The main protagonist Sgt. James Kellar is interrogated with a CIA Agent on how he failed to capture a known terrorist William Lennox and stop the Seventh Wave who were responsible for various terrorist attacks.
  • As you move into the game the protagonist unveils his actions making you play the events with epic unstoppable action and destruction.
  • All in all won't give any spoilers who did not play this game, Please do so. For all who did tell me who went all gun blazing Rambo badass when they acquired the M249.

Sadly EA decided not to go ahead with Black 2 since there were indifferences with its creator, 1st part was a incomplete story....FYI, Unfortunately it will never be made again, But it's creator did a fair job in the game called Bodycount a spiritual successor to Black but not awesome.

Moving On,

3. (Cry Of Fear PC)........

I cried by the end of this game............( I AM NOT A WUSS, I WAS JUST SCARED )
I cried by the end of this game............( I AM NOT A WUSS, I WAS JUST SCARED )
  • For all who are not familiar with this game, You know what, I personally declare this game, The Most Scariest Game Ever Made. I am not gonna compare this with other titles i know they did do a good job it was amazing but it was not freaking scary or insane like this game.
  • Let me tell you what Cry Of Fear is first, It is a FPS Survival Horror/Psychological Torture, You don't play this game, It plays you not in the way you think.
  • Unlike every other survival horror the game is based on stealth action and decision making, The specialty of this is it's main protagonist Simon.
  • As you continue playing this, somewhere down the line you do fell that Simon's life can be compared to yours. If not you are a Rich A** kid who has B*** load of money and everything you ever needed.
  • Sadly this game was not officially launched on a grand scale since it was made by a team, Using Half Life Mod engine. I was not much into graphics but the story was something which got me interested, Did really make me cry in the end.
  • I did not stumble upon this by choice but by accident. I was dared by my mates to play the first 15 minutes of this game with high quality headsets with loud volume offcourse and no lights. ( Just like icing on a cake )
  • Guess what ! I bailed when i saw this...........
I threw my headphone's against the wall............
I threw my headphone's against the wall............
  • This was again only the first 8 minutes of the game, I lost the challenge, But that does not mean you can try.
  • A warning though play this game only if you think you love horror, Unlike any other horror games this is unique.
  • Sadly Team Psykskallar the group behind this game, Could not make a sequel nothing mentioned to the reason why, But could be financial, story anything. Even if you play this game, The story itself is a one time, You cannot possibly imagine a sequel, But what if i do..........
Wait whaaaaaaaaaaa........
Wait whaaaaaaaaaaa........

Hey who's doing this, Cut it out......Moving On...................

4. (God Hand PS2)...............

Wish i had a left arm, Not right since you know it's for a uhmm ( *cough*cough )
Wish i had a left arm, Not right since you know it's for a uhmm ( *cough*cough )
  • Well the next game i have is my personal favorite, Didn't care about the critics how famous it became, How much it earned, Not interested in that part.
  • For all who do not know what is A or Who is the God Hand, Let me give you a brief description.
  • Game created by one of the most great game makers, Shinji Mikami, This guy has a brains of a gaming Einstein, Games which he has accomplished in making were Resident Evil 4 and series, The Evil Within, Dino Crisis and many more.
  • Picture a wild west with demons, Who cut your arm out just for the sake of fun, You need revenge do you, Your Main Protagonist Gene is bestowed with the lovely right arm a.k.a wait for it The God Hand.
  • This game is a action beat em up game 3D action game with unique customizable skill set which changes the meaning of Kung Fu fighting and funny gameplay.
Contrary to Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee facts are true
Contrary to Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee facts are true
  • This game was highly recognized for its fun customized fighting style with utter brutal combos.
  • The story was actually good but again it was a one timer, For all who are familiar with this game, I urge you to play this, Not revealing anything much for this game since don't want to spoil the fun for you.
  • A sequel is possible for this game, Till date the makers haven't figured it out, But i did, If i am lucky i could get a chance to reveal it since i have been personally working with my team for it's sequel, I mean only the story part not the entire game. Wish me luck y'all.

Moving On............

5. (Road Rash PC)..........

I still play this.........
I still play this.........
  • For my final presentation of this segment, I could not compare any other game than my childhood favorite.
  • I mean i grew up with this game, I started my gaming career with this, If this game did not exist, Well it would have only been work and work and work again.
  • Now before you judge me, I know they have been many sequel for this game, But again it was just like Downhill Domination, Not much of a story almost same gameplay in every title.
  • I could not go ahead and see my childhood game ruined just because some gaming company is money minded. I know can't do much but as a great fan for this, Again i would personally like to create a great story and if lucks with me bring a sequel for the next gen.
  • At this stage we cannot do much, But if we all voice out you know there is chance.
What did i just read ?
What did i just read ?

Once again guys before i bid farewell you all for the great weekend ahead, I just wanted to say the above content was not to exaggerate any gaming company or its creative title but just to show how amazing it can be to have a sequel. Coz if it was not up to us gamers to make these titles hit, Gaming Era wouldn't have been this famous. Voice out your opinion, Please remember to like comment and share if you fell these games are worth a sequel. Until my next article, See ya around.


Which of the above title's deserve a sequel ?


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