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From the hired scriptwriter of the doomed Superman movie 'Superman Lives', NIghtcrawler is Dan Gilroy's first gig as a director. A nominee for the Best Original Screenplay, the movie is a neo-noir crime thriller set in a 'low culture' LA nighttime under the cover of a full moon and against the backdrop of vacant landscapes, palm trees and visceral communication-transmission systems.

Jake Gyllenhaal's character Lou Bloom is a highly adaptable 'American Psycho' fellow and a sociopathic mutated look-alike of Travis Bickle who believes that today's work culture has nothing to do with job loyalty. *shut up*

Go watch the movie !!!!

Spoilers below

First some establishing shots -

How about an internship then? A lot of young people are taking unpaid positions to get a foot in the door. That's something I'd be willing to do.
I'm not hiring a fucking thief.
Will this be on television? Morning news. If it bleeds, it leads
$2,500, and that's giving it away. No bike has got 37 gears.
This is a custom racing bicycle, sir. Designed for competitive road cycling. This bike has a light-weight, space-age carbon frame and handlebars positioned to put the rider in a more aerodynamic posture. It also has micro-shifters and 37 gears and weighs under six pounds. I won the Tour de Mexico on this bike.
We want to warn our viewers that these are extremely graphic images. And I'm hearing from our control room that we have that video and we're going to show it now. Let's roll it now...
Why aren't we at the rape at Griffith Park like everybody else?
Rick, I'm very pleased with how you progressed. You're doing a great job. However, you just spilled gasoline on my car which will eat the paint. I need you tighten up a bit on this. Because if you fill it like that again, I will terminate you immediately, I promise you.
El Compadre
El Compadre
Jesus Christ, friends don't pressure friends to fucking sleep with them.
Actually, that's not true, Nina.
What;s he doin...
What;s he doin...
I don't give a goddamn about fucking Corona!
This is just a random twitching gif|The Catharsis
This is just a random twitching gif|The Catharsis
Jake Gyllenhaal kinda reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix ( It's kind of annoying that he didn't receive an Oscar for Walk the Line.) Both are insanely talented method actors who've recently turned down Superhero roles for more deviant characters.
You understand that you've been read your rights, and you're here voluntarily?

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