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Hey i'm Andy i love to write about Movie's, Games and TV Shows my favorite superhero is Iron Man and The Flash .
Andy Emini

I think in the near future we will have a [Gotham](series:1127075) and Arrow Crossover, and you may ask why do I say that? Its because an easter egg I recently saw it was under our nose and we did not see it... What am I talking about? Well, as the Flash episodes we see Dr. Wells go to a secret room and talk to a computer which reveals a future newspaper that Flash is Missing....

But what we did not see it that in the newspaper we can see this look...

Ok, so did you see it? If not, look closely here bottom right of the newspaper...

Wayne Tech / Queen Inc Merge Complete.... So this might mean Arrow and Gotham Crossover or The Flash, [Arrow](series:720988), Gotham Crossover 3 Series in One!! I'm just guessing it can be when the Flash goes to the future and then something bad will happen and he will need help he will call Arrow and Gotham Heroes this is just an opinion but lets hope it will be a CROSSOVER


Do you want an Arrow and Gotham Crossover ?


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