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With not long to go til Mortal Kombat X comes out, I am going to go through the story trailer that hit the internet yesterday. So here we go.

First off, the trailer introduced us to some new faces, that will join the already confirmed characters . We already met Cassie Cage but the trailer introduced us to more new characters that are descendants of characters that are in most of the games. We have Takahashi Takeda, who is the son of Kenshi, Jacqueline Briggs, who is the niece/daughter of Jax and Kung Jin, who is a descendant of Kung Lao and together with Cassie, they form a special forces team, so in my opinion, a new generation of characters looks pretty awesome!

The game also shows us a maskless Sub Zero. We have no idea which Sub Zero this is as we know Bi-Han became Noob Saibot and Kuai Liang got killed by Sindel and resurrected by Quan Chi. Hopefully, efore the game is released, we learn the identity of this incarnation of Sub Zero.

Mileena has been confirmed to appear. She was seen fighting Kotal Kahn as they have a grudge against each other like in the comics.

The trailer had also gave us quick peaks of characters that could be playable characters or just cameos in story mode. There were quick flicks of Shinnok, who looks like he is the main antagonist of the game, Rain, who has been rumored to appear in the game, Sindel, who is seen fighting Cassie Cage andsome people thought that they had seen Baraka at a few points in the trailer. we also see a good glimpse of Erron Black, a cowboy like character that I have spoke about before. He is seen at some parts of the trailer that look like he is going to be in the game. I would absolutely love that because I have a feeling that he would have awesome fatalities.

What do you guys think of the new trailer? Have you got a theory on the identity of Sub Zero in [Mortal Kombat](movie:38705) X? Please comment below


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