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DC and Marvel have been slugging it out for years now. The struggle has been a protracted bitter campaign as the two monoliths constantly try to one-up each other with their story lines, perpetually locked in a feud to be the best. The battle in the comic books has gone on for years, after some time movies and TV shows began to emerge focussing on characters from both sides, changing the game. Marvel and DC gained a new kind of battlefield to go to war on, as well as movies animated and live action superhero TV shows began to appear.

Marvel had a lot of success in animated TV series, some might say that the animated Spiderman series starting in 1994 was the definitive animated version of Peter Paker. Also, it would be impossible to forget the X-men animated TV series that began in 1992, you know that music.

Although the live action Incredible Hulk series was beloved by many it was the only real early success Marvel had in terms of TV shows. DC was a different story, in the formative years they had a consistent output of live action content on the small screen. DC were beating Marvel on TV even up to the mid to late 90's as Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman was hugely popular drawing in attention from even those who weren't previously a fan of DC comics. In the field of television it would seem at the moment DC is winning the fight. The CW are putting out some great TV in the form of Arrow and The Flash. Arrow is incredibly compelling with amazing action sequences, good writing and fantastic acting. The Flash is just fun from week to week, although some of the acting can be a bit hit and miss sometimes and occasionally characters do irritating things it shows some great promise. Both shows have been delivering on the stories and characters from the comics that fans want to see. It seems The CW are looking to expand this universe with a possible spin-off in the works that could feature Firestorm and ATOM, previously appearing in The Flash and Arrow. Marvel have some decent TV shows out at the moment in the form of Agent Carter and Agents Of Shield, these have received some positivity however in my opinion they aren't as engaging and fun as some of the content DC are putting out on TV at the moment. Don't get me wrong, DC aren't without their flaws the Gotham TV series is dire in my opinion. Although it occasionally has some interesting aspects some of the writing is just awful and the characters do ridiculously irrational things.

DC and Marvel have traded shots in the big screen department for some time now, both putting out some poor content in the early years as they struggled to get the formula right initially. However by the 80's and 90's DC hit their stride a little bit releasing Batman in 1989 and Batman Returns in 1992. Both featured Michael Keaton in the role of Bruce Wayne and were pretty good movies with an interesting vibe. Marvel's only attempts at that point were The Punisher and Howard The Duck, both got a horrible critical reception. Although I actually found Howard The Duck quite fun, its ridiculous, don't go into it expecting an intellectual masterpiece, but for all of its odd little quirks and weirdness its quite enjoyable.

It was the noughties that brought some promise for the superhero genre on both sides of the coin. X-men 1 and 2 plus Spiderman and its sequel got great reactions. X-men and Spiderman are favourites of mine that I have fond memories of, they are probably responsible for my love of the genre and possibly films in general that lives on to this day. The Nolan franchise is regarded as the best version of Batman. Yet the best is still to come for fans of DC and Marvel. Since the release of The Incredible Hulk in 2008, which was slightly underrated in my opinion, the wheels have been in motion on Marvel's shared cinematic universe. This franchise of movies in which Marvel characters crossover, cameo and team-up is amazing and has delivered on what the fans really want in superhero movies, again and again. DC have clearly realised they are missing out on by not having a shared universe and have begun work on their own. Including Justice League team-up movies to rival that of Marvel's Avengers series. Both companies have movies planned up to 2020. With properties in them that many fans never thought they would see on the screen, its tremendously exciting.

Although it is Marvel and DC at war, the real winner will ultimately be the fans. Both are giving each other there best shot in order to be the best, resulting in we the fans getting high quality superhero related content.


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