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At first i have to say that many people went to the movie theather to watch the movie without realizing the was a musical ( if you havent seen the movie it is a musical by the way). I personaly expected a more classical disney prinsses story ,

whoever the argument is more close two the original Grimm brothers books .

(the video is in spanish , if you dont now spanish you can put the subtitles )

At the start the movie centers in Little Red Riding Hood, jack, and cinderella.

as the plot of the movie passes we can see more of the Grimm brothers charaters come to life , all our character live in a town next a misterios wood,

(thats the why the movie is name into the woods).

the movie stars to center in James Corden as The Baker and Emily Blunt as The Baker's Wife , and the fact that then cant have childrens thats the moment when the witch played by Meryl Streep, appears in the bakery/house, she tells the baker and his wife that the have a curse because the Baker's Father, played by Simon Russell Beale,(in the movie the character is only knew as the bake father). enter to the Witch garden looking for fruits and food for his pregant wife , the witch cathes him stealing from her,The Baker's father also stole some beans which caused the Witch's mother to punish her with the curse of ugliness, and she tells him that him and his desendanse will be curse and that his firs children will be hers , the wich explains to the baker that he has a bigger sister that turns to be rapunzel, Played by MacKenzie Mauzy. The wich tells

the baker and his wife ,thah theres is a way to brake the curse, which is too look for this four objets before lunar eclipse. the objets were a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a slipper as pure as gold.

The Witch's demands eventually bring the Baker and his Wife into contact with Jack,played by Daniel Huttlestone, who is selling his beloved cow Milky White and to whom the Baker offers magic beans left him by his father (which were stolen from the Witch) which grow into a large beanstalk; with Red Riding Hood, whose ruby cape the couple notices when she stops to buy sweets on her way to grandmother's house; with Rapunzel, the Witch's adopted daughter whose tower the Baker's Wife passes in the woods; and with Cinderella, who also runs into the Baker's Wife while fleeing from the pursuing Prince.

After a series of failed attempts and misadventures, the Baker and his Wife finally are able to gather the items necessary to break the spell. Meanwhile, each of the other characters receive their "happy endings": Cinderella and Rapunzel marry their Princes; Jack provides for his mother by stealing riches from the Giant in the sky, and kills the pursuing Giant by cutting down the beanstalk; Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother are saved from the Big Bad Wolf, by played Johnny Depp, the Baker; and the Witch regains her youth and beauty after drinking the potion. At this point of the movie you will thing that the movie has come to a happy ever After, the movie take us into the escene in wich we can see Rapunzel and Cinderella getting married each one to they respective prince which are brothers wen suddenly there is an earthquake or so they tink , the earth quake destrios the mayority of the kingdom. sudenly they realize that,

the growth of a second beanstalk from the last remaining magic bean allows the Giant's Wife to climb down and threaten the kingdom and its inhabitants if they do not deliver Jack in retribution for killing her husband.

Meanwhile, what the characters did to achieve their happy endings continue to haunt them: Cinderella's Prince kisses the Baker's Wife who soon dies after falling off a cliff while fleeing the Giant's Wife; The Witch loses Rapunzel forever when she runs off with her prince in spite; Cinderella and the Prince break up after she hears of his infidelity with the Baker's Wife; and Red Riding Hood's Mother and Grandmother, along with Jack's Mother, are killed in the Giant's Wife's rampage.

In the aftermath, the surviving characters debate the morality of handing Jack over, and soon quickly blame each other for their individual actions that led to the tragedy, ultimately blaming the Witch. She throws away her remaining beans, reenacting her mother's curse and disappears, leaving the rest of the group to their fate (although she does not become ugly again after throwing the remaining beans away).

The Baker, Cinderella, Jack, and Red Riding Hood resolve to kill the threatening Giant's Wife, though Cinderella and the Baker try to explain to the distraught Red Riding Hood and Jack the complicated morality of retribution and revenge. The Giant's Wife is killed, and the characters move forward with their ruined lives: the Baker, thinking of his Wife, is determined to be a good father; Cinderella leaves the Prince and decides to help the Baker; and Jack and Red Riding Hood, now orphans, live with the Baker and Cinderella. The Baker begins to tell their story to his son—"Once upon a time...

the movie explotes the idea that all the characters from the Grimm brothers histories exist in the same universe and time. wich createt this exelent movie

directed by Rob Marshall and adapted to the screen by James Lapine from his and Stephen Sondheim's Tony Award-winning Broadway musical of the same name.


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