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There is nothing cozier than getting all your post-dinner snacks ready as you cuddle in a blanky to get ready for The Walking Dead on Sunday nights! We fans know how to watch the walker heads get chopped off without getting sick and be just fine eating our treats at home.

What makes us possibly spit things out of our mouths and noses are the laughable food moments! The brilliance of this show is in having funny things happen in a seriously scary world. Funny to us but not necessarily for the characters on the show.

There is so much to talk regarding food on The Walking Dead, such as what they survive on, good stuff, bad stuff, disgusting things and unthinkable things! Some of it has definitely become the star of comic relief on this show, which takes me to some of my points.

This has been talked and chatted about to death, but think back on Carl and his pudding indulgence. That was the first laughable food moment for me. We identify with being a kid and getting away with too much of something we like. The contrast of Carl sitting on the roof eating his sweet treat with the truth of this apocalyptic world behind him in the window, has become an iconic image to us.


Carl indulging in a giant can of pudding
Carl indulging in a giant can of pudding

Carl's scene gave me a chuckle, but the scenes that send me rolling, are the forced feeding moments! Fans, you know EXACTLY what I mean! You know your favorite scene from Grady Memorial Hospital in Season 5, episode 4 titled "Slabtown," is Gorman forcing the green lollipop into Beth's mouth and Beth taking it. First it made you cringe but then you might have missed the next few moments of the show because you were stunned by the funny image of what just happened. The sleaziness of Gorman and Beth's passive weak (like Carol of the past) behavior. Watch it again and laugh and cringe AGAIN!

The cherry on the top of Season 5 episode 11, The Distance, was Rick in his "I HAVE NO TRUST OR PATIENCE FOR YOUR VOICE. PERIOD" look, and Aaron trying to be nice by talking about the applesauce for Judith. You KNEW Rick wasn't going to trust it nor assume it wasn't poisonous. And THEN, you sensed it coming! In your mind you're like, "Oh no, Aaron's gonna get it, here it comes! Rick with that spoon of applesauce is going to make Aaron taste it first!" Aaron REALLY tried and thought he could get out of that by explaining how he hadn't liked it since he was a child, REALLY? (That got a laugh) Of all the things you can complain about not liking in this world! Then YES, the choo-choo spoon! Rick has a Gorman moment and sticks that spoon of applesauce in his mouth to make him prove Judith wouldn't die from it. Aaron's look was so Beth-like. FLASHBACK TO BETH'S GREEN LOLLIPOP!

Aaron and Rick

Choo-Choo, Aaron eat that applesauce!
Choo-Choo, Aaron eat that applesauce!

As action packed as this episode was, when it was over, my mind kept going back to Rick forcing the spoon into Aaron's mouth! What next?! Who's next? Who will find what to force someone to eat next? The patterns in this show are fun.

(Skip the next paragraph if you're not caught up through Season 5 to episode 13)

Well there ya have it! Season 5, episode 13 connected us to more funny food. It was great how they kept the relationship to applesauce with Carol giving her neighborly advice on how to use applesauce as a substitute for another ingredient. The best part of this episode, The BEST PART was the scene with Carol and Jesse's son who followed her to the ammunition storage room hoping for more cookies! After Carol in-beds terror like only she can into his itty bitty soul, we now have a great mental line to attach to this little boy which is "Look at the FLOUR"! LOL!

Lots of Cookies!
Lots of Cookies!

The pudding, the green lollipop, the applesauce AND NOW THE COOKIES make me laugh. On the flip side, grilled food is one of my favorites, yet due to what's been cooked on campfires in this show (legs and dogs), I look at barbecues a bit strangely now.


What was the funniest foodie moment on The Walking Dead for you so far?

Please share food moments on The Walking Dead that you enjoyed or thought were funny!


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