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Just a quickie for you! I have been thinking a lot about the Green Lantern we may see in the DCU and one person comes to mind that most of the MP sphere has forgotten.The fan favorite for the part is Idris Elba, however with this Hollywood status and hectic schedule, it's unlikely he'll be the guy.

John Stewart is a straight laced no nonsense ex-marine that takes on the role of Green Lantern after Hal Jordan's original back-up Guy Gardner is injured, and has a complex and interesting arc that DC could pull from to create a complex character that audiences will enjoy. As a more tormented GL than Hal Jordan, he may fit in well with the darker attitude of Zach Snyder's BvS and coming Justice League films.

That being said my pick is a multi-talented star that has already appeared on big screen and has proven he can indeed play a bad ass. This man...

Lonnie Rashid Lynn AKA Common
Lonnie Rashid Lynn AKA Common

If you've seen the movie Wanted (2008) starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie, It is a movie based on the graphic novel of the same title. Ditching the colorful rated "M" characters like the walking pile of human excrement "Shithead" and the split personality of "Johnny Two-Dicks," (yep, you read that right) the movie can be said to loosely resemble the bullet bending graphic novel that serves as it's source. The Gunsmith is responsible for teaching McAvoy's character to bend bullets. This character is by no means highly complex, but shows the mood Common could bring to the film.

He has also appeared in action flicks such as Smokin' Aces, American Gangster, and Terminator: Salvation to name a few. He has also taken on roles that prove he isn't just an imposing force, but a strong actor in oscar nominated film Selma, where he also won an Oscar for his and John Legends original song "Glory".

Why he's PERFECT

Common has had many roles that relate closely to what the role of John Stewart would require.

He's got the look, too. There was is a stretch of time that Stewart rocked a shaved head look with a the goatee. Common is in amazing shape, and as active as he is, should have no problem with the demanding physicality that comes with a superhero role.

Most importantly, he's another bigger name that DC could use to draw audience. With a mix of well known actors and younger upstarts, DC has a very well rounded cast with a few more unknown or untested actors. Common would bring in some more experience to be added along with Cavill and Affleck.

Oh yea and there's the fact that he was already cast to play the character in the 2008 Justice League movie that never was. Here's some words from Common on that...

I remember a time I really struggled with showing gratitude. It was after I had been cast as the Green Lantern in the movie rendition of “Justice League.” (I know that sounds bad, but hold on, there’s more.) We were all set to go. We had even tried on our wardrobe. I was ready! I was imagining what this could not only mean for me but also for the kids who would see me as a bona fide superhero! Plus, my phone was already ringing off the hook with requests for meetings from big-time directors and producers. It was about to be on…
And then it happened — the writers’ strike. Everything was on hold and after the strike, executives pulled the plug on the production. I was deflated. What I thought was the biggest role in my life was gone — just like that. I moped around for a few days when finally my mom told me to “get over it” and go speak to an organization that helped kids with much bigger problems than mine. It was during my talk with those young people that I had to take stock in what I had and return to being thankful for everything.

So he's an all around awesome guy, and I'd love to see his career blow up with this role.

So, what do YOU think?


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