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I have read every Walking Dead comic and Novel to date.
Rhonda Wheeler

By now we all know what awaits the gang in the Alexandria Safe Zone. Avid readers of the comic series can confirm that Maggie will indeed loose Glenn.

Don't think I will be able to watch this scene...
Don't think I will be able to watch this scene...

Leaving Maggie in a hopeless situation and giving her the excuse she needs to end her own life. I predict season 5 will end with Maggie swinging from a tree.

Is this how it will end??
Is this how it will end??

So begins Season 6! We find Maggie swinging from the tree. But just in time Rick and the gang cut her down, to find that Maggs is still breathing! The gang takes her to the infirmary to recover, and in the process she learns that she is pregnant! This gives her the hope to live, the will to fight and a Mini-Glenn to love. Get ready for a revamped Maggie in the next season of [The Walking Dead](series:201193)!

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Will Glenn survive season 5 ?


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