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Now, let me first start out by saying, I get it. I understand your obsession. I get why you love that show so much. You probably clicked on this link simply to laugh at why opinions and then watch the next episode Sunday night. But, before you tune to that channel, think on this, what has happened? In all these years of this show, what has actually happened? I know, you're thinking I'm going to rant about the farm, but I'm not. Quite the opposite if I'm honest. The farm season was actually pretty important for many reasons, the most important of which was the epic moment when Shane died twice.....Thank God. What I mean when I ask what has happened is simply this, where are we going? We saw a glimps of hope of some kind of a store when the characters found that massive warehouse, only to have that same hope ripped away when we learned that everyone was just a ticking time bomb of zombieness. And I'm fine with that. I'm ok with learning that there's no hope, because history has showed us that that is never the case. What I'm not alright with is the characters not even trying. They took this man, this stranger's word about their entire lives and the lives of everyone in the world, and never tried to find a cure. They never once tried to do anything other than just make it to tomorrow. And that's excited to a lot of people, not knowing who's going to die this week, or more likely who won't die. I also understand that's it's based on a comic, and while that's done so well for the movie industry it the past few years, I believe that is "The Walking Dead's" fundamental flaw. The comic is meant to be something that goes on forever. Something that lasts for years and years, with new characters and more gruesome deaths. But, and this is a big but, that will never work for TV. Tv is meant to end.

There's a reason networks push for season finales and series finales, that's their bread and butter. One series dies, another takes that idea, changes it slightly, and the general public eats it up. It's this reason that shows have a story, you see a progression from A to B. We saw the A in "The Walking Dead". The first season took the world by storm and it was incredible. We loved it. It was new, fresh, excited and genuinely interesting. But as time went on, the show didn't. We kind of got stuck along the way. Each episode now is simply something people watch just to watch it. I recently asked a fan of the show why they loved it, and there was no specific answer. The characters aren't relatble, and the story is just quite frankly boring.

Now I know all of that is quite a lot of opinion, but, stay with me for fist a few more lines. I wanted it to win. I wanted it to work, to be incredible, captivating, and thought provoking. Unfortunately, for me, it was none of those. All I see now when I watch this show is simply a network taking advantage of an obsession, an obsession neither it, nor the show's fans, understand. The next time you think about watching this show on a Sunday night when nothing else is on, just wait two seconds longer and just ask yourself why? Why watch it, what do you love about it, do you love anything about it? Or is it simply something to fill a time slot.


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