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Hi. My name is Rafael Herreras-Zinman. I've been reading Moviepilot for about a year now. This is my first time writing an article for Movipilot. (This article is almost entirely opinion. If you're looking for pure fact, look elsewhere.)

If you seen the Alien movies, there's a good chance they're some of your favorite movies. There's also a good chance you like Prometheus, the prequel to Alien. You also probably know that Alien & Prometheus each receiving sequels. Neill Blomkamp will direct the fifth installment in Alien & Ridley Scott will direct the second installment in the Prometheus franchise, which will be released in 2016. There's a lot of things that would be awesome for the two movies. This article will discuss what I think could make them better than any Alien or Prometheus movie.

Alien 5

If you've seen Neill Blomkamp's concept art, you probably can assume a few things about the new Alien. Blomkamp has released that Alien 3 (which I like) & Alien: Resurrection (which I think everyone, including me, thought sucked) will be somehow pushed out of the canon. The following things would be awesome.

  • a good way to push the last two installments out of the canon

What I mean by that is it has to make sense. If the way of forcing them out of the canon is "a rift in time" or some nonsensical, non-explainable thing like that, then I'm unimpressed.

  • Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) must be the main character!

The studio can feel free to add any new major characters, but Ripley has been the main character since day one. There's no point in changing that. The character was the only thing that I enjoyed about Alien: Resurrection (besides the special effects of course).

  • The movie needs Xenomorphs, Xenomorphs, & oh, did I mention Xenomorphs?

I'm completely open to seeing other aliens in the canon. I'd be thrilled actually. Some sort of new step in Xenomorph evolution or a different alien entirely would be awesome. However, any other aliens should be secondary, featured in the credits, or saved for Alien 6. I just want at least one more Alien movie with Xenomorphs.

  • time travel

Give me one reason why not. Sure it might be weird, but it may be the only way for my next point to make sense. Yes, this could be saved for Alien 6.

  • Prometheus crossover!

This could wait until Alien 6, but I want some reference & connection to Prometheus besides Xenomorphs & Weyland/Weyland-Yutani.

  • Finally, I think keeping Weyland-Yutani Corp as the villains would be cool.

Now, they don't have to be the main villains, but some representation would be sweet.

Prometheus 2

This is a bit harder to decide what we should see. We've only had one Prometheus movie, so it's hard to decide what to expect. However, I'll do my best to say what would be cool.

  • Again, more Xenomorphs.

In Prometheus, we saw the young Xenomorph. That was awesome! I loved seeing how the Xenomorphs' evolution started. Let's see more of that.

  • The planet of the engineers.

The engineers in Prometheus were a great concept. They were so cool. Let's see more of them. And finally. . .

  • More androids!

I'm guessing we all loved Bishop in Aliens & Alien 3 & David in Prometheus. Let's see more of that.

That's all I have to say. Thanks for reading. I'll close with a couple of polls.


Are you excited for "Alien" 5?


What's your favorite movie in the "Alien" / "Prometheus" universe?

If you noticed, I didn't list AVP or it's sequel. I personally don't really consider it canon.


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