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*Sigh* Hey guys! It's been a while, but this is definitely something I have to get off my chest. I seem to notice that I keep myself away from many arguments online regarding DC. It's always how DC is failing before it gets started or how the comics are perceived. These argument cause HUGE flame wars to no end. Am I the only one tired of argument?

Don't get me wrong, I get into argument every now and then, but I'm tired of them! There are a few reason why I don't like these arguments. Let's just get right into it.

Marvel Fans

I'm not the only who thinks this... Marvel fans (at least when I'm online and what I see) usually bash DC and their fan base heavily, even though a post or vlog has nothing to do with DC. I noticed these wars are more harsh in recent years (For obvious reasons) and I see a lot of fans jumping ship. For example, my cousin loved the Dark Knight, but after the Avengers, he jumped ship. It was in fact the Avengers movie that made the other Marvel movies before that good (It's subjective). This goes into my next point

It's Always Marvel vs DC!

It's bound to happen, one person says their preferred comics are better and the flame war starts. There's always that one person that post up something that starts long winded arguments. I like some DC Cinematic Universe pages on Facebook, but one has a lot of Marvel fans on it (which is fine). Here's the thing... a lot of those fans bashed DC for every move that is made and put up Marvel memes. I'm like Seriously... WHY DO YOU LIKE THE PAGE IF YOU DON'T LIKE DC!? Ok, let's get back on topic...

Is DC Bash For Their Every Move?

Of course they are! Every show, movie etc has a fan base and people who don't like it, so it's only natural. That being said, there are a lot of arguments that gets us DC fans frustrated.

DC Movies!

You know there's a lot to talk about! MoS, the tone, Zack Synder, the casting, and the list goes on. There are a lot of things that fans talk about when it comes to the DC cinematic universe, a lot is negative. Fans don't like the way characters are being introduced or how the universe is being handled. Fans have different ways of running the DCCU, but some want it to be similar to the "Marvel Method." There's always the Rocket Raccoon and Wonder Woman comparison. "A talking raccoon can be in a movie, but Wonder Woman is so difficult." Well yeah, it is, like a lot of female led movies. Besides a talking animal has been done before, and it's pretty easy, but Joss Whedon even said himself that there's sexism in the Comic Book Movie Industry. Also, if you want to complain about Wonder Woman, what about them not making a Black Widow film or waiting until 2018 for Captain Marvel? "We know some of you asked for Black Widow and Ms. Marvel, but here's a talking Raccoon!" (No offense to Marvel fans, I like Marvel too) Don't worry, both Marvel and DC are improving on showcasing female characters.

Female Superheroes!

As for me, a person who writes stories about strong female characters, I question this a lot. They can be seen as "Over-Sexualized" and their roles can pale in comparison to their male counterparts. When I talk about this, I mean both companies. This brings up the a 11 year old girl, Rowan, who said DC doesn't accurately depicts female characters and then this happened...

I really hope she's not a one time character. Anyway, fans are split when it comes to this. One side favors Rowan's opinion, but the the other doesn't. DC has been changing their characters outfits for a while. (and so has Marvel)

Tanya Spears, the new Power Girl
Tanya Spears, the new Power Girl
Jessica Drew
Jessica Drew

Personally, I do think DC represents their female heroes well. Didn't get me wrong, I don't like everything DC does. I think Rowan has some good points with having more females comics (There is a Vixen show in the works). It always seems DC is under fire.

Final Verdict: Can fans forgive DC? Well, 2016 is the year to ask that question. BvS: DoJ and Suicide Squad can usher in new comics and animated shows, but most importantly... the confidence in DC properties! I don't want to seem anti-Marvel, and I'm not. I'm just telling you what I see. Maybe, Rowan might get what she wants, more female character based stories (which would be really cool).

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