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So we've all heard of Rob Zombie by now, whether it's his music or his iconic movies. But we seem to think, "That's it, that's all the metal genre has to offer in the film industry." Well please allow me to shine some light on the darkly lit corners of Metal in the Movies.

1. Army of the Damned - Godsmack

In this little obscure gem we find Sully Erna, lead singer for Godsmack, battling demons (or The Damned). He is joined by a rag tag team made partly of Joey Fatone (N'Sync), Tony Todd (Candyman) and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes 1977). I highly recommend watching this at least once, especially if you like Godsmack and have a respect for old horror flicks. This movie has great music, an exceptional cast, decent humor and an original storyline.

2. Dark Floors - Lordi

The GWAR-reminding band Lordi had a few ideas for some movies, one of which was Dark Floors, a Ghost House Underground film. Playing themselves (err... monsters), the band terrorize an unsuspecting group in a cursed hospital. A member of the group battles his own monsters while he tries to save his autistic daughter from the abandoned place. Although the story lacks stability, the cast returns a worthy performance.

3. Through the Never - Metallica

Dane Dehaan (The Amazing Spider-Man) stars as "Trip" in this surreal concert story about a roadie who runs an unforgettable errand for the heavy-band Metallica. Featuring themselves playing a concert, a major riot breaks out in the streets. "Trip" must pick up a mysterious bag while fighting and running through different representations of Metallica's songs. The band plays albums ranging from "Kill 'Em All" (1983) to "Death Magnet" (2008). "Load" (1996) and "St. Anger" (2003) were not portrayed however. As an almost 2 hour great performance of Metallica and Dane Dehaan, this film has action, fantastic music and a plethora of head-banging fans. To metal-heads everywhere, this movie's for you.

4. Queen of the Damned - Korn/Aaliya

Anne Rice was the original author for the beloved "Vampire Chronicles", starting with "Interview with the Vampire" to her latest novel "Prince Lestat". Two of those books were adapted to movies, "Interview with the Vampire" (Tom Cruise, Christian Slater, Brad Pitt) and "Queen of the Damned" (Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah). "Queen of the Damned" opened in theatres on February 22, 2002 and although the film had many negative reviews, including a 17% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, it brought in over $45 million when it hit the box office. Having been released six months after Aaliyah's tragic passing, the movie was dedicated to her honor. Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn) had a very short cameo as a ticket scalper and despite his small part, his voice was dubbed onto Stuart Townsend's (Lestat) to create Korn's music with the film. The soundtrack was joined with David Draiman of Disturbed, Wayne Static of Static-X and others (Deftones, Earshot, etc.). The way the music flowed with the movie was an excellent display of creativity and originality. By taking elements from Anne Rice's second novel (The Vampire Lestat) the plotline was flawless, the cast was on point and the music was fantastic.

Being a metal-head and a movie buff, I highly recommend watching these titles (some more than others). To metal fans everywhere have fun, be scared and rock the house. I bid thee farewell and until next time, good night and good luck (we're all counting on you).


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