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As all of you may or may not know, there are hundreds of talented artists out there deserving recognition.

I've had the pleasure and the privilege of getting to know two incredible artists who have an amazing talent: they make horror-movie inspired dolls. And they are so ridiculously cute and cuddly. Their two methods: clay and plush dolls.

They can make you just about anything you ask for, but their specialty is creating the most sweet-looking horror dolls you've ever seen. A custom order with them is a must.

They are known as MoodyVoodies, and I promise you, you will become addicted to their Etsy shop. I know I did.

Photo courtesy of MoodyVoodies
Photo courtesy of MoodyVoodies

The addiction began with this guy. I messaged them one day on Instagram after they'd liked a photo of a book I was's all history from there. The photos I'm posting are all of the dolls that I have ordered from them. They are handmade, beautiful, and so unique.

So first was Pinhead. As my favorite horror villain ever (and because I have a shelf of tons of other Pinhead memorabilia), it was obvious that he had to be my first "voodie" that I ordered.

But my second, who came at the same time as Pinhead (yes I have a problem, I ordered two at the same time) was my Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King's IT.

Who knew killer clowns could be so cute?!
Who knew killer clowns could be so cute?!

This guy is my right-hand-man. I'm kind of obsessed with him, and when you take pictures with him, he always looks so angry...but he'd never hurt you. He'd just sit on your lap.

My next order is a fan favorite:

See that guy in the middle, there? They made me a Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freakshow. Yes. Yes they did. And he is perfect.

But not only do they make plush dolls like these (although my preference is horror that can be snuggled), they made this beauty for me for my Pinhead collection as well:

(this is only a small portion of my Pinheads)
(this is only a small portion of my Pinheads)

That clay beauty in the middle is by MoodyVoodies as well! He has such sights to show you...

And two of the most creative, artistic pieces that showcase their talent with paint:

Christmas ornaments. My ultimate life goal is to make a horror-tree, and this was just the beginning. Twisty and Pennywise, because killer clowns are my favorite.

If you're looking for gifts to give to a horror-lover, or if you're looking to gift yourself with the best friend you've ever had, grab yourself a MoodyVoodie.

Give them a follow on Instagram as well, they post their creations as they're born! Even Kat Von D has one ;)

Photo courtesy of @thekatvond on Instagram
Photo courtesy of @thekatvond on Instagram

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