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A long 5 years ago we saw one of the most favourable and iconic bad asses of the 80's rebooted for a film which I personally thought was good enough for a sequel. As time went by we anticipated yet heard nothing about a cheeky sequel for the rebooted film version. Why? Why the hell not? I though for one that it was a really good film for one the casting was awesome.

Liam Neeson

' I Love it when a plan comes together'
' I Love it when a plan comes together'

Yes! Neeson. Batmans' mentor, Qui-Gon Jin and the very unfortunate Brian Mills. I mean what more could you want? He played the perfect Hannibal Smith, he had everything! The moves, the voice and the looks! He is spitting image of the original and we all loved it when we saw Liam light up his fat cigar and say:

"I love it when a plan comes together"

(Admit it. You did the voice)

Bradley Cooper

'Alpha! Mike! FOXTROT!'
'Alpha! Mike! FOXTROT!'

He played the perfect Face. I mean c'mon as per usual he portrayed his wit and charm in the film which we've seen from films like 'The Hangover Trilogy' alongside his tougher side in his most recent work of art 'American Sniper' so we know that he is the perfect balance of joker and total bad ass. What more could we ask for??

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson

We all know how our B.A Baracus was the muscle of the group however he was sensitive character. The balance of each was exquisite because we all know how the sensitivity came out. A massive fit of anger and against either Murdock or cos they were falling in a tank. He was a crazy fool! But the best guy for the job.

Sharito Copely

He was bat shit bananas and he was good at it! When I watched the film I was amazed with his interpretation because it was so similar and it stayed true to the whacky nature of the character and he was just hilarious and the relationship he had with Baracus was the hilariously brilliant.

The Story

I personally loved the storyline. It was very traditional to their original plot. But with this it brought the back story to life and it was represented to the action packed fullest! I appreciated that about the film as it gave a true and fulfilling adaptation of the basic plot but it was given so much room to breathe and spread it's wings in terms of bringing it to an up to era which was fantastic as we didn't have to sit through an hour and a half plus of a period action film.


Well in simple term......Bradley Cooper said :(

Bradley Cooper did an interview when promoting the film 'Limitless' and he explained why we never got a promising sequel:

Holmesy says: “Any news on the A-Team 2? Will there be one? I thought it was great and my friends felt the same.”
Bradley’s response: “I loved it too. But unfortunately, outside of you, a few of your friends and myself, there just wasn't enough revenue to supply a second instalment of that franchise.”

That's right at my surprise the film didn't gather as much as it would have liked to. The US managed to clock about $77 million. Whereas the rest of the world hauled in $100 million. The film was budgeted at $110 million meaning to spare for advertising was only $67 mil and if you remember there was a fair bit done.

But let's never say never!

Neeson Says he would love to come back with the guys but it's a case of cash!


Would you like to see The A-Team make a comeback?

Anything to add? Let me know in the comments!


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