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After episodes 9 of arrow 'The Climb' many of us was coming up with theories, ideas, just some way we know Oliver is still alive. But then lots of people started to think that Oliver went into the Lazarus pit.

BossLogic (@Bosslogic), made a poster exploring the idea of the lazarus pit. It went quiet viral and people were expecting Oliver to go in the Lazarus pit. If you haven't seen the art, here it is:

But while fans were loving the idea of the lazarus pit the producers confirmed that Oliver will not be in the lazarus pit, but there will be a character in the lazarus pit. When episodes 10, 'left behind', it left many of us disappointed. We were expecting some green power.

But they did say another character which isn't Oliver will go in lazarus pit. The Lazarus pit was confirmed and we may see it in episodes 15, 'Nanda Parbat.'

Which part you ask?

Well, in the begging of 'Nanda Parbat', we see Nyssa al Ghul coming in, screaming at her father (Ra's al Ghul), that Oliver is still alive. When she comes in screaming did you notice he was in the lazarus pit? YES! That is the lazarus pit. So if we ever see that tub again its the lazarus pit. Pay close attention for the lazarus pit.

Don't forget Arrow returns on Wednesday, March 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


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