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The new Mad Max sequel will be coming to theaters across America, and the rest of the world, in just a few months. Are you excited? I know that you are, even for a hardcore Mad Max fan. However, I want to discuss a no-budget remakesploitation film made in the country of Turkey in 1986, supposedly based off of the 1981 Mad Max sequel The Road Warrior. That film is known as İntikamcı, which translates as The Avenger.

Looks pretty bad ass!
Looks pretty bad ass!

İntikamcı was directed by Çetin İnanç, a well-known Turkish filmmaker best known for producing no-budget knock-offs of popular Hollywood blockbusters. Many of these were based off of films like Star Wars, Rambo, Dirty Harry, and some of Bruce Lee's films. According to the Blogspot film blog Films from the Far Reaches, a site that reviews foreign films, İntikamcı was known as the "Turkish Road Warrior" because of the motorcycle and machine gun-filled action sequences, and the fact that the main character, played by well-known Turkish actor and occasional ham roast Serdar, looks a lot like Mad Max. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the full movie on YouTube, but I managed to find the film's original theatrical trailer. After I watched the trailer, I thought that the movie looked pretty bad ass even for a film that was made with almost no budget at all! If you want to see how awesome this is, than by all means, watch the trailer in the clip below. However, I must warn you, the voice-over mentions the main actor's name and the film's title a lot of times, so it can be a little bit annoying to you.

However, unlike The Road Warrior, İntikamcı doesn't have any post-apocalyptic sci-fi elements per se, but the film looks a bit better than The Road Warrior, considering I'm not a fan of the Mad Max movies, but my opinion is my opinion.

Unfortunately, İntikamcı was not distributed in America, nor was it dubbed into English. However, if you have a PAL-formatted DVD player, you might find a DVD copy of it that actually has English subtitles. If you want to get into this movie, than by all means, go on eBay or some other website and buy a copy!


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