ByAmanda Odinson, writer at

The last door is a indie horror game that has really caught some peoples eyes. It is a point and click and it can be played without a download! It is about a man who goes and visits an old friend and has his world turned upside down in this dark, point and click game.

The game currently has two seasons. The first season is completed with four episodes. The second season currently only has one interlude which you can play and the first episode but to play that you have to donate to the next episode to play it! It will be out to everyone when the second episode has been funded.

The basic story of the game is a man goes to visit his old friend. He ventures into his house and the story begins. It has very creative with the music sound track and will really give you chills and maybe a few jump scares. The game is very difficult and for those who have issues reading the game gives you the option to change the font!

I found this game a few months ago I find is wonderful. If you wish to play it yourself go to


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