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I have just as big of a love for both the DC and the Marvel Universe equally, though my affections usually drift more towards the DC world, and with the route that is being taken with the superhero genre, we can all agree that is has grown to become a titan bigger than ever imagined and it will continue to grow. With what has been done with Marvel's biggest names, there is no denial that they rule over the big screens at this point in the game. Putting names like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America on the screen and giving their stories life has been every comic and superhero enthusiasts dream. Some can argue whether or not they may or may not have been good portrayals but you can't argue how awesome it is nonetheless.

Now, when it comes to what they have done with DC characters, it hasn't lived up to par compared to Marvels movie scripts. Though Marvel has admitted its faults (*cough*TheIncredibleHulk*cough*) its made up for it with the revamps and story progressions that continue to make it withstand most if not all criticism. DC, however, hasn't been able to backfire from much of their failures. So far, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel have been the only on screen portrayals that haven't flopped. I can admit that I still think The Green Lantern movie was a decent film but it was a horrible Green Lantern movie. With the Batman V Superman movie coming out soon, it is expected to build a monumental foundation for DC to let their name be heard in the superhero movie world. Even with that, DC has to do a lot of work in order to keep firm ground to the whirlwind that Marvel Studios is blowing through the film industry.


DC has begun to conquer another endeavor that Marvel has still not yet shown any promise towards. Television.

Arrow & The Flash
Arrow & The Flash

With the promising and increasing growth in popularity of series including Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham as well as the anticipation for the Netflix series for Daredevil, DC continues to utilize this branch of storytelling and should capitalize on it to its full potential. Though Marvel has made an attempt with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. but unfortunately that show falls short since you'll never see big names like Downy or Evans on a TV series.

Excluding any of the animated series created, their have been other attempts at putting these superheros on home screens in the past. They haven't shown as much promise as they would now and that's where this industry should capitalize on it.

Here is a list of 5 superhero storylines that, in my opinion, would exceed expectations if written for TV.

1. Green Lantern

One of my top superhero choices in any debate.
One of my top superhero choices in any debate.

I put this first because when I first starting watching the show Arrow, I could think of no other character more deserving of a TV portrayal like Arrow's more than Green Lantern and someone else who I shall mention later. The Green Lantern mythology has so much promise to it that if utilizing it correctly could lead to years of great television.

For those that may not know, in the Green Lantern universe it is not just the Green Lantern Corps that exist. There are at least 8 other Corps that each relate to a different form of power that the ring feeds off. Such as Green feeds of the power of will and yellow feeds off fear, there is one for love, rage, compassion, and others that could easily be used and their stories portrayed through a Green Lantern show. Not only that, but in comparison to most other superheroes, the Green Lantern ring has been worn by more than one man. So, creating a multiverse ideal towards the opposite rings and main characters could develop into promising popularity if done right. Not only that, but incorporating in with other shows such as Arrow or The Flash would build promising hope towards the thought of a truly well built and structured Justice League portrayal. Though Zack Synder offers us many promises of that in the Batman V Superman movie, that may lead to promising perspectives but when it comes to what they have put on TV to what they have the potential of creating for TV is far different.

With that said, heres another one for ya.

2. Wonder Woman

The Warrior.
The Warrior.

Again, regardless of what we may here about the upcoming movies, they are not out yet. All we have is speculation and hope. Hope that we will see iconic characters such as Wonder Woman and Shazam be given on screen portrayals to be worth seeing. But it doesn't change the fact that characters such as these could not also triumph in the TV world.

Wonder Woman is another DC character that has her own mythology and universe to it. To build her from the ground up would be worthwhile both towards the goal of a sustainable Justice League and in the long run creating great television. Once again, if done right but that's not all. She would also create a role model for the young woman of this generation. I grew up both loving and watching shows such as Xena, Hercules, Buffy, and though 90s TV is a creature all in itself, it was doing one thing that it seems a lot of this generation lacks. Role models. Wonder Woman could be a drive that gives women confidence or helps them through trouble times in their life. Allow the character to grow as a teenager and reach out to that age group. Watch her spout into a young woman and let those watching her grow feel the want to grow and be strong like her. We men have enough role models to give us what we need and what we don't. Don't get me wrong, there might be some women portrayals out there that do act as good role models to woman, just as there are bad role models for men there are bad role models for women. But no role model could be any better than looking up to Wonder Woman.

3. Spider-Man

One of the many groupings of the Sinister Six
One of the many groupings of the Sinister Six

I will say this until the day I die, I despise the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films. To this day, they are a mockery of that character franchise. The Amazing Spider-Man series they are creating now with Andrew Garfield if living up to what Spider-Man should be and I love em. Tobey can suck it!

Now that I got that out of the way, here's my reasoning. Not only has Marvel not had the rights to this beloved character for a long time up until just recently(which is hopefully true) but I think any kid that has watched the 90s cartoons knows that Spider-man can be awesome. The issue is, he has a lot of story to attempt to make room for movies. So, put him back on TV. They made an attempt at a live action show back in the 80s just as they did with The Hulk and The Flash but again, it was a poor time for special effects and creative television. But now, in this generation, a Spider-man TV show would thrive and last years. The Spidey-verse is just as vast and full of conflict as any could expect from its mythology but there is one thing that Spidey has over most. Villains. In my eyes, the list of Spider-man's villains exceeds that of most of Marvel's stand alone characters no matter how you add them up. This fact alone could create a withstanding foundation that pushes towards excelling this character into a popular TV series.

To me, Spidey has the 2nd most villains when it comes to most superheros, but not compared to...

4. Batman

Justice is a dish best served dark.
Justice is a dish best served dark.

This is the second most well deserved character I could think of that should, no, NEEDS to be given a TV portrayal. Gotham does not count since it is not really a show about Batman. It's about Gotham and Gordon. As well, despite the classic film with Michael Keaton, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and even however promising the new Batman is going to be, this character deserves more attention.

Batman has the deepest mythology compared to any superhero whether in DC or Marvel. He has the longest, in my opinion, list of villains and sidekicks compared to any 2 other superheros combined. And the kicker, he's only human. Half of the villains he fights all have reidiculous powers he has to overcome. Glay Face, Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, and at least a dozen others all exceed his basic human abilities. Or so that's what it's supposed to be but we all know he comes out on top no matter what. Cause he's BATMAN.

I've loved Batman for years and as I watch a show like Arrow all that runs through my head is "This should be Batman". Not only would he stand alone and watch his TV presence become everlasting, but it would run forever. Think about it. You could go through every villain as many times as desired. It could give portrayals to the plethora of Robins down the timeline of their introductions into the Batman world covering basis such as their training, side stories, and departures. Not forgetting characters such as Nightwing and Batgirl of course. A Batman TV show, if done right, would be the biggest step in superhero capitalizing history. That's how I feel at least.

And last but not least...

5. X-Men

As they all stand as one.
As they all stand as one.

Regardless of how much they are making up for bombing this storyline in the past with their most recent films such as First Class and Days of Future Past, which were excellent, but this is a series that needs a total revamp if it ever did. The creators at Marvel certainly broke the mold when they created these iconic, monumental characters and put them all into their own little world. The X-Men could easily be a stand alone universe without having anything to do with any other Marvel characters. This universe has it's own breed and storytelling ethics that doesn't compare to that of characters such as Iron Man or Thor.

Thus, they should be given their own outlet. A way they can flourish without risk of someone ruining it. Of course, that's if it's done right. But any real fan knows how deep the X-Men story goes and how vast it's universe truly is. The idea of giving this a TV portrayal would set up years of television and open doors for a true and better way of telling the X-Men story. We all know how much the first 3 movies shit the bed and we see that they are making up for that but it still lacks in character development on so many levels. An entire season can be dedicated to just the Phoenix storyline, shit maybe 2 or 3 seasons if done right. My girlfriend has praised those issues in the series and despises how they ruined it in the movie. Giving these characters more air and time to create themselves instead of jamming a few key players into a 90 minute movie would not only satisfy fans but it'll get views.

Well, that's my list. This is simply how I feel about the route the superhero world is going into and how it could change for the better if the right steps were taking but again, this is only my opinion. As always, I love all kinds of feedback.


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