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The evolution of movies.

Censorship can be a real problem with movies. Especially nowadays. If you watch a movie from the 80's and then compare it to one from now you will notice a huge difference in the two movies. Movies from the 70's and 80's were much more relaxed as far as content and censorship than they are now. An 80's PG movie will have a lot more language, suggestive content and violence than a modern PG movie.

One of the reasons behind this is the ever changing ways of censorship and views on what is or isn't acceptable. It is due to this this that makes most older movies seem better than some modern movies. Back then movies seemed way more fun. Examples, of this are with fighting and actions scenes. In Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark, there was the famous scene where the big guy with a sword starts swinging it around flamboyantly, and Indy tired and fed up, pulls out his pistol and shoots the guy. This scene was put in for comedic effect and was done lightheartedly. Nowadays a scene like that would be viewed as insensitive and wrong because someone was killed and a gun was involved.

One large reason for this is the rating system. From 1970 to 1984 the ratings in use were G, PG, R and X. The system was altered in '84 because of complaints. These complaints were about movies such as Temple of Doom and Gremlins which both received a PG rating. And many parents and censors stated that these movies were too dark and/or violent for the family friendly PG rating. So the PG-13 rating was implemented. Though it was not much of a problem.

Just that nowadays things that were considered fine for younger audiences is no longer seen as such. Case in point is Ghostbusters which is rated PG , the film included casual smoking, mild language including at least 4 uses of S**t. And even the hilarious scene scene where the EPA agent was said to not have any genitals. In this day and age scenes like this would warrant a solid PG-13 rating. And even considered inappropriate in some places by some people.

Children used to be left in front of a TV with Jaws, or Raiders of the Lost Ark, or Gremlins. Now only parents who are fans of the movies usually let their children watch.

Another reason which is not related to rating or the like is comedy movies. '80's comedy movies were way better. Why? Because of the content in the films. Comedy movies from that decade proved that you did not need drugs, sex, or toilet humor to be funny. These things are now common place in comedy films. And the reason why i am not a fan of many of them. One example of this is Back To The Future. A movie with only minor sexual content, and no drugs or toilet humor.

Maybe one day rating and parents will return to being as relaxed as back in the 80's. A time when violence could be funny, and cursing is not as taboo of a subject. It just seems like the movie industry has become more and more strict. Sometimes it's obvious why and other times it isn't. One reason why it is obvious is because of gross gore fest torture porn flicks, such as Saw or Hostel. Simply put just plain gross movies.

I just think that we could learn a lot from those older films. It just kind of bugs me to see parents who wont even allow their children to be exposed to hearing the word crap, and don't even allow them to watch some of the better films out their because of minor obscenities.


Do you think they should become more relaxed with movie censorship?


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