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Writer, Editor, Director Michael S. Ojeda takes one of the most incomprehensible plot lines that I have ever heard of, and spins it into one of the most brilliant and "bloody" heartfelt masterpieces I have ever been privy to witness on screen.

'Avenged' is a movie that doesn't take long to pick up steam. Director Michael S. Ojeda immediately sets up the strange nature of this film, when Zoe (Amanda Adrienne) is given one last gift from her late father, a Pontiac GTO. She is warned that it may not be a good idea to travel west alone due to the fact that it is a desolate place, and people tend to be a bit "Crazy." she is also alerted to the notable fact, "What if your car breaks down..?" Zoe decides against her better judgment, and embarks on a journey to see her loving boyfriend.

After a few stops, and some fun photography, her world takes a turn for the worst when she intercepts some men being chased down by a murderous gang.

Zoe (Avenged)
Zoe (Avenged)

This movie then spirals into what can only be described as one of the most original, supernatural, blood-fest, love stories I have ever seen in independent film history, led with brilliant acting and heart felt emotion from star Amanda Adrienne. Oh yeah, and did I mention blood-fest..? yes, this isn't one for the faint of heart. If you are a fan of violence, blood, gore and guts coupled with creative fatalities... You have come to the right place and will be in for a treat.

'Avenged' 2015
'Avenged' 2015

I personally would recommend this movie to anyone who is on the hunt for a very well written independent movie, that brings together elements of originality that you wouldn't normally think can be pulled off together on screen. 'Avenged,' leaves us with a heart felt ending that brings it all back to what's at its core. "Revenge and Love"

'Avenged' is set to premier March 6, 2015: In Hollywood Theaters

Friday March 6, 2015: VOD

Tuesday April 21, 2015: DVD


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