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The great series [Two and a Half Men](series:200558) was a phenomenon. Has been on air since 2003, and with his imminent end so close, it's time to make a compilation of all the moments of our favorite series since twelve years ago.

Talking about Charlie, he was a man with a lot of women. Some of these were hotter than others. Here's a top 10 of the hottest women in the twelve seasons of this tv show.

  • 10 - Katherine LaNasa

His character is an a smart woman, who seduces Charlie. Is a property brokerage, she submit mens with his beauty and intelligence. If this top list start with this actress, you can imagine what's coming.

  • 9 - Alicia Witt

She's Jake's teacher. After a bad relationship with Charlie, leave the school, and then she work as a stripper. With that body we can imagine how she seduces Charlie.

  • 8 - Diora Baird

This actress just appears one time in the serie, but that was enough to remember in all the serie. Appears like a drunk and annoying blonde, who Charlie's trying to disappear.

  • 7 - Jennifer Taylor

Chelsea appears in the season six, with a determinant character. Chelsea was almost Charlie's wife, almost. Was the only woman who could make Charlie have real feelings by a woman.

  • 6 - Emmanuelle Vaugier

Charlie was obsessed with Mia and he try a chance with she. Emmanuelle Vaugier interpret a classical dancer, who at the start, was not interested on Charlie, but at the end, was his fiancee.

  • 5 - Jenny McCarthy

The ex-playboy girl, interpret a swindler, who's trying to steal the Charlie's fortune. Later she back to the series, now with Ashton Kutcher, and she make him on his sexual slave

  • 4 - Jodi Lyn O’Keefe

She have two papers on the serie, but the most memorable was like a vampire who's trying to submit Charlie to a satanic rito.

  • 3 - Denise Richards

Charlie Sheen's ex wife, was invited to participate on the serie. She interprets Charlie's ex-girlfriend who's trying to have him back once again.

  • 2 - April Bowlby

She was prepared to appear in one episode, but at last minute she was in 15. She interpret the typical dummy girl and was part of the Charlie Harper's girlfriends list but finally she married with his brother Alan.

  • 1 - Megan Fox

Megan Fox debuts on the serie in 2004, with just 17 years old. The actress interpret the teenage grand daughter of Bertha, the housekeeper. She came to Charlie's house to help his grandmother with the house keeping.

Who you think that was the hottest Charlie Harper's girlfriend?

We gonna miss our favorite series since 2003, Ashton Kutcher make a good job like the new boss of the house, but he don't give the tall to be like the famous Charlie.

We miss u Charlie


Who was hottest Charlie's conquest?


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