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Filmmaking is very challenging and entertaining thing . Although today the actor, director or film on preparations can not say what about those incurred , even when we were not in the world , still have something to himself . During filming arise ordinary and extraordinary pictures, which later become the iconic and famous film literally humorous , nostalgic and magical . A couple of them will show in the next article entitled Behind the cameras .

Let's start with something nice . Even young Skywalker needs a beer -Star Wars

Texas Chainsaw

Heath Ledger as Joker -Batman

Kill Bill vol.2

R2 -Star Wars

Christopher Nolan and his Inception

Bored Alien

Iron Man 3

Prequel trilogy... -Star Wars

Back to the future


Beating Hulk seems easy -Avengers

opening credits -Star Wars


I am out this one is best -A Nightmare on Elm Street

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