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Hi, There! This is my second article on moviepilot and I hope you like it. I am writing an article on the villains of the DC Universe that I think would do well in appearing in the soon to be starting DCCU. So, here we go!

1. Deathstroke

Now, Deathstroke is a villain that has risen to prominence in the common market during the last five years with him appearing as a boss in WB Montreal's Arkham Origins as well as the main villain in Arrow's season two. Now, I would love to have Deathstroke, not as the titular villain but more of what Winter Soldier was in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973): A guy running deadly errands for someone higher. Think of all the awesome fight scenes we could see if Batman were to come across Deathstroke. A fight like Captain and Winter Soldier in Cap 2 which in my opinion was jaw dropping.

With him not having any primary motivation except for money, it makes him an interesting character against the backdrop of villains many of which have personal vendettas against heroes( cue Lex Luthor, Bane). Now, there are rumors that Joe Manganiello could be playing Deathstroke in the Suicide Squad which if true could be a fascinating choice in my opinion. Another guy who could fit into the role is Stephen Lang.

2. Sinestro Corps

The Sinestro Corps in my opinion, have a huge potential for a Green Lantern film which could perhaps cross over into a Justice League film (after all, they are a threat to the entire DC universe). Lead by Thaal Sinestro, sometimes anti-hero, sometimes villain, they are a colorful bunch which pose a serious threat.

And if we are considering bringing them into cinema, we already had a Green Lantern in 2011. Now, I grant you that it wasn't really good( it actually messed up the whole concept of Parallax). But the thing is, reintroducing all the characters in the GL mythos wastes one film which is unneccessary when we already had a origin back in 2011.

So, I don't see why we can't continue from there. It saves a film and then Parallax can also be introduced in the future (he could have saved Parallax from the sun when he went to rescue Hal in the end with the other corps members and stored the fear entity in his power battery. Later, when he has established his own corps, he then introduces his former pupil to the entity that he had saved (cue the possession of Jordan which could lead to the rise of Kyle Rayner). For playing Sinestro, I think Mark Strong did a good enough job and I would love to have him back as the arch enemy of Jordan.

3. Trigon

My third choice is Trigon, the father of Raven. Trigon has a lot of potential both as a villain for the Teen Titans as well as the villain for the Darker side of DC cinematic universe.

Consider John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and the Spectre etc joining forces to defeat this ultimate evil. I feel that this could prove to be a very good film and also open up the supernatural side of DC universe for future films.

4. Reverse Flash

I don't think many people need an introduction to this character with him being the main villain for CW's [The Flash](series:1068303). Tom Cavanaugh has done an awesome job on this character.

Reverse Flash is the guy from the future who destroys everything in Barry Allen's life for revenge before Allen even becomes the Flash. He has been the driving force between many of Flash' tragedies: the death of his mother, Iris West.... I think he could prove to be a very interesting villain to tackle.

  • So, this is my first article on the villains which could do a great job appearing in the DCCU.. Next week, there will be another list of villains. Please comment on what you think on the list. Thank You


Which Villains do you think are good for the DC cinematic universe?


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