ByKimberly Callahan, writer at

The Big Sunday night, isn't that what everyone is waiting for? I know I am. I have to be the biggest fan I guess you would say out there! When Monday hits..... that's all I can think of.......come on Sunday. Well enough about my thoughts. What is going on? Did everyone watch the last episode? Chad Coleman was trippin. Needless to say it was an interesting episode, but I think it could have used a different technique. Everyone knows Chad Coleman's character- Tyreese was a strong character who never let his guard down. Why now? Just doesn't make any sense. Anyone else out there feeling this?

Now, you've all heard the rumors. What's going on with Norman? There are posts everywhere. Even on Instagram. "If you stop watching the show cause a cast member gets killed, then you weren't a fan to begin with." Okay, I may be crazy, strange and an off the wall writer that rules and spelling doesn't apply, but that's a dead give away. Come on you have to change it up. All is awaiting the tragic death of Daryl. Is it really gonna happen or not? That's not a way to pull in watchers. I think the show has done an excellent job on that alone. Trying to draw more people in---well, don't give it away throw clues here and there. Maybe their not going to say goodbye the the hot guy with the crossbow? The truth be told in the end!


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