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In an era where we have probably more than a thousand superheroes, it doesn't matter who you will ask everybody will know superman,the perfect superhero honoring truth & justice. But just because you know him it doesn't mean that you like him, he is being laughed at because of his costume, some people think all the secret identity thing is just lame, and than there is just people than can not handle somebody wearing underpants over his pants. For those of you that can identify with the last I said , I am not here to convince you to like Superman, I am here to let you know what he represents to other people , and I don't mean the person that goes weekly to his comic book shop, I mean how he affected several generation in various ways over the time, after all, the Boy scout is around now over 75 years, there must be reason.

The Golden Age Generation

Superman first appearance was in Action comics nr.1 in 1938, he was not the first superhero neither he wont be the last, but he had something tempting, something that makes people curios about the man in tights, kids reading comic books and listening to the Superman Radio show, Superman was just a phenomenon. Two years later after a great running start in Action comics, fans of the [Man of Steel](movie:15593) would get another channel to get fans, if you where a person at this time without knowing superman you probably lived under a rock of kryptonite.

Lets be honest, times were probably not the best , the great depression just passed, WW II is going on and the responsibility that this wont happened again is for a whole new next generation.

How do you prepare this , kids, to do it maybe better, to learn from the natural mistakes of their predecessor.

You give them Hope...

Now, there is this man, with superpowers , fighting for truth justice & the American way, saving & helping other people, letting us know that we should to the same, humanity needs to look out for each other, that after all, we are all the same, sometimes a message like that, in the right format is not just capable to entertain people, It can inspire people.

Its 1941 and kids are in front of their televisions, watching this majestic Fleischer animated short of Superman. For the first time, people saw the Man of steel, moving in a way that they were just able to imagine before reading the comic books. Kids played to be superman, they stood in front of the TV with a cape, an old or new bed sheet probably, posing like the man of steel, with a desire , to be Super strong, Super fast and able to leap over buildings, they wanted to be Superman, the honest hero, the reason why people look into the sky for the Hero & Hope of humanity.

A kids imagination can be something wonderful
A kids imagination can be something wonderful

The man of tomorrow was everywhere, TV, radio, comic books, even kids with Superman merchandising going to school. It was then where this fictional character was already a part of our culture, but it was not until 1952 when our American hero got his first, Live action appearance, and for a lot of people, superman got his first real Face.

George reeves was and still is for a lot of people, the first and only real superman, and after a run of six seasons, Superman is now a international pop icon.

The Silver Age Generation

Twenty years have past since then, and those kids that wanted to be the future are holding the world in their own hands, and its now the responsibility of them, to keep it safe. Twenty years are a long time, and even our Heroes changed.

We see them confronting new enemy's & more realistic threads. The world changed, the people changed, and we learn from our heroes, that its not just all happy, blue sky and golden sun. There are people out there, bad people, people that just wants to see the world burn.

Now its time for the last generation to keep the hope alive, the hope that even you are just one person, you can change the world. We were shown that superheroes sometimes are just human , and need to confront their day to day battle with life sometimes.

As I said before, you don't need to be a hardcore fan, a weekly comic book buyer, but you kept this simple image from your childhood, even if its that simple as, be polite, help others if you can, help the one that really needs it.

So, how can maybe, lets say just one person, speak to an entire generation? Easy, call the attention, give the people what they wont expect to see , show a message that calls the attention that It needs, and try to get daily about over 50 people in one room with a really big screen.

Tell them that they will believe that a man can fly.....

He is my Superman, he is probably your superman, even the past generations after him forgot about George Reeves. I am talking about the one and great, Christopher Reeve.

Yes! He made me believe that a man can fly, yes he made me take the old bed sheets from my mother and played superman in front of the screen in my family house.

Sure, Superman never left, he was always around, but in 1978 he was back, in a big way. Everyone watched that movie so many times, kids went with their parents to the comic book shop to just get more superman.

We got the Justice league & Super Friends, so we can learn, that team work and helping out each other, could turn out this place, our real world, in a wonderful place.

Parents sharing with their kids the old comic books, telling when their where kids and felt in love with this character. For some of us, this first contact is just unforgettable.

And after one good sequel, people remembered it and people learned again, that sometimes, hope is all we need. Even if we look up into the sky and we don't see anything, it doesn't mean that we can not do anything.

The Modern Age Generation

And here I directly jump to the 90s, and Supes is still out there, showing us in Superbly how a boy handles the day by day being the superheroes of smallville passing trough High school / college and starting his adult life. Or now you are one of the generations waking up with the kids Saturday morning watching the animated superman series and share those moments with your kids, maybe you just want to hook your wife or girlfriend on superman and just enjoy your weekly episode of Lois & Clark.

Even a Superhero needs to be shaved for work.
Even a Superhero needs to be shaved for work.

Superman was there, and he always was, and at least, it doesn't matter in which way he is portrayed, meanwhile people are being entertained and the basic essential message is the same.

And I think we need this, we need to keep this message alive. When Superman died in 1992 not just the comic book world grieved, no, the real world did also.

Everyone, that knew just a little bit of Superman, were shocked. He died? The man of steel is really gone? Nobody could believe it.

And once again, people used a way to send out a message, to let us know that even if our greatest idols, our best friends are gone or even our hope, we should never fall.

It is not just one that can save the world, we all can if we put on the cape. Or, with even just a little bit of kindness with each other, holding together when we most need it.

And I think,we need a moment like this again, I room full with people,kids in front of the TV with their capes, Sharing from past, to the next generation, when The son becomes the father, and the father...the Son.

We will see know the past become the future again, we will have our messages in our more realistic ways, in a modern age way. Even if big boys fight they can become Bros. Even if one rules over 3/4 of the world and doesn't see other cultures behaviors as normal , he respects them, we have differences, but they can be talked about.

Why this world needs Superman?

He is the known icon that we all take care about and love, he is one of the first superheroes , he is the perfect son in law, he is Hope. There is no way that somebody doesn't know him, people went and will go to see more of him and his super friends. To learn from them how to solve differences , about how taking care about people, how to survive being different, how to be there for each other.

This is why we need Superman, because he shows us that we are the ones that can save the world.

Thank you for reading my first article.


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