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Through out my experiences on Moviepilot so far i have realized you guys like [The Walking Dead](series:201193) and pictures. So today i'm going to try and fit in both. Throughout the whole show of The Walking Dead we have seen the characters change a lot in their appearances and personalities, in this article i'm going to highlight that.

1. Rick

I had to start somewhere and since hes the main character i thought he should be first.

When we first saw Rick he a sheriff who had no idea what was going on and was looking for help and to find his wife Lori and his son Carl. Rick has changed a lot from season 1-5. Probably the most obvious is that of his appearance. You can see in the picture he is cleanly shaven and now in season 5, his beard looks like a bee's nest (well that's one to describe it). He has changed a lot in personality as well now as now he is unbelievably paranoid about anyone who he meets which we saw with the introduction of Aaron and how Rick took no chances.

2. Daryl

Moving on to the fan favorite of the whole season (which is probably the reason he hasn't died yet). In season 1 we see him almost relying on his brother Merle and when Merle is lost he goes crazy which could say he didn't know what to do without him. In season 3, we see the return of Merle and Daryl is still doing everything he says for instance when he leaves the group to just be with Merle.

Now we see Daryl as probably the most valuable player of the group but still emotionless with the exception of when something happens to either Carol or Beth for instance we see him crying and mourning over Beth after he carries her dead body out of the police station. Daryl is also one of the characters that has aged significantly over this time.

3. Carol

In season 1 we see her as a helpless old woman who looks for her husbands approval for about anything and we also see her being severely over protective for her daughter Sophia which was probably by her husband beating her.

In season 5 we see her change dramatically for the better as after both her husband Ed (who didn't last long) and her daughter Sophia dying she toughens up and becomes the bad ass who single handed took down the whole of Terminus (with the help of some Walkers i guess).

4. Glenn

Finally i'm gonna mention Glenn, the only person in a zombie apocalypse who can get with a farm girl. In season 1 we see him, a previous pizza delivery boy who was quick on his feet and knew his way around Atlanta.

In season 4 after witnessing his wives father be beheaded he becomes over protective and almost obsessed about protecting hi wife from danger as we see him searching for her endlessly in the second part of season 4, in season 5 we don't see much of him anymore.


Who do you think has changed the most?


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