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Dear Syfy, Save Haven.

Sincerely, its Beloved Fanbase.

Admittedly, it took a couple attempts for me to get into Haven. Belying common myth; as easy as it seems, to procrastinate the responsibilities of life with a visit to Netflix, there is a nagging in the subconscious that stops you – or at least me – from enjoying television.

Set around Detective Audrey Parker, who finds herself solving the supernatural happenings of Haven, Maine, the show enters a new complexity in revolving these happenings around our detective and her true identity.

So, after finally becoming hooked on Haven as i’d hoped with to with the draw of the shows premise, the show is at it’s best in the change of format that was only perceived as the sign that the series was being rounded up to a conclusion.

This season has notably utilized the splitting of narrative arcs between two episodes, dispelling the saturation of ‘case of the week’ episodes, even when it wasn’t always relevant to the main storyline of Mara/Audrey.

With the apparent conclusion of Mara’s character as she merges with Audrey and the arrival of their mother, it seems that these compelling two-episode trouble centric arcs were for the purpose of cementing the supernatural origins of Haven now that Audrey is no longer a unique outsider to Haven. Instead, she is the reason for it’s troubles.

Both the blessing and the curse, it is only Audrey’s distinction from her origin as Mara that reinstates her value as a trouble-solver.

Struggling with the pursuit of happiness that Audrey undoubtedly deserves, Audrey must deal with the consequences of Mara’s leaving gift through Duke’s instability.

More troubles pose a threat to Haven that can't be wrapped up with a sub-season
More troubles pose a threat to Haven that can't be wrapped up with a sub-season

And Duke is enough of a catastrophe to justify her easy outing.

With the winter finale and this ever-lasting hiatus, there are questions that I hope the writers of Haven can answer if this were to be the last season – although with this new format, added a likable complexity and depth to the show.

Being across the pond I have heard whispers that the Friday time slot is known as the place where shows go to die, and i can only hope that Syfy network doesn’t go down the route of lifetime and USA in killing the shows with the most potential.

Left with the revelation that Mara is centuries old; where previously we assumed that it was the magical barn keeping Audrey young, we are now left to fear whether Audrey actually can grow old with Nathan. Considering that Dave Teagues is of the same origins as Audrey, 5B has the task of answering if being without the Barn and the magical geography of her real home, can allow Audrey to age normally.

Haven has the potential to continue with the numerous troubles cast out by Duke and his eventual fate. Dare I say I would welcome a second Colorado kid – whose fate is still not known – to establishing a rounding off theme of coexistence implied and happiness for Audrey in our world.

Much like The Vampire Diaries, Haven has the potential to be revived, in expanding outside of Haven because we do know that not every troubled person stays in Haven nor is Ether geographically confined.

I am cautiously optimistic with the hiatus of the season seeming to stem all the way into fall of this year, that season 5B may be a series renewal that’ll be renamed as season 6.


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