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Now I know that there are such things as unexpected movies. Here's a list of movies that we probably didn't expect to hit the box office.

I,Robot 2

Am i really coming back?
Am i really coming back?

You heard me right. The sequel to the smash hit from 2004 with all the same cast reprising their roles- Will Smith returning as Del Spooner and, quite possibly, Alan Tudyk returning as Sonny, a robot only a society could love. Maybe that's why Will Smith turned down reprising his role in 'Men In Black 4'. And yes, that's also happening, but we already know that.

Currently, IMDb has nothing on production except for writers Issac Asimov and Ronald D. Moore.

The Sub-Mariner

I couldn't believe this when I read it, but it's believable. Of course, I ask myself the question- whose movie will turn out better than we'd hoped? Namor or Aquaman?

As for status on production, it is currently in development, which means right now it's not officially on the screenwriter's mind as of today or tomorrow, but the possibility is still there. Moving on.........

DC Comics' Metal Men

Interesting....... though, of course, they haven't had a total New 52 reboot as much as a short cameo in recent comics, I'm sure the famous DC Comics characters from 1962 will get credit where credit is due.

And there are more, but I think I'm just going to leave you guys right here for now.


Which of these would make an interesting film?


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